A day cream a day, keeps the wrinkle away.

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Hello Sunshine! Waking up to a new day is exciting. It means a refresh, for new beginnings and better endings. But in the language of beauty, it also means a new day for protection, nourishment and tender loving care. Today, I would like to share with you my two cents on using a day cream.

Before anything else, let me ask, do you use a day cream? Because I must admit my fatal mistake, I didn’t use a day cream as early as I should have. When I was younger, I use skin lightening creams only, but not a proper moisturizer. My main skin concern was to have fairer-looking skin, and I couldn’t care less about my skin’s health, elasticity, the works. But that was when I didn’t know any better.
Cream for your skin???
Now that I eat, drink, live beauty, I can only attest to the wonders a proper skincare can offer. And it all begins with a day cream—that skin care wonder that begins your ay with the right steps: skin protection from the sun (not all day creams has SPF, but it helps to find one that does), nourishment and replenishment of skin’s moisture after a wash (if you use a harsh soap, or even, if you wash your face ever so often, you risk losing too much skin moisture so you have to always work on maintaining that moisture because that equates to your skin’s health and radiant glow).

Using a day cream makes sure that your skin is never left dry and dull. For those who love using makeup, using a day cream also contributes to the perfect canvas. Ever wonder why your foundation just won’t blend on your skin? Or why your cheek tint always leaves a streak? It’s because your skin is so dry it prevents makeup from blending perfectly with your skin. So using day cream is both a smart skincare idea and a great way to empower that little vanity gene we have.

Using a day cream also keeps those early signs of aging at bay. So if you want to look younger longer, day cream it is. In line with that, a day cream also helps those with a bad skincare habit catch up! Meaning, if like me, you didn’t start with a good skincare regimen, a day cream can help you catch up with the times. A great day cream helps with the restoration of your skin’s lost beauty and youthfulness, so a day cream is a miracle product that we shouldn’t overlook from our counter from now on.

So let me ask you… do you use a day cream?

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