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 I follow a common belief that writers are brooding. As dark as it may sound, I think it's part of a writer's inevitable personality to dwell, savor and brood a little over a few things. As friends of the pen and paper, we should always be a little bit more observant and responsive to what's going on around us. In general, I also think that writers are sentimental people--to which I have no problems or whatsoever.
I'm wearing the red star sweater with a green sparkly scarf! :D

In my effort to retrieve my Multiply photos back in college, I stumbled upon one of our writing workshop photos. When you're part of a writing workshop, basically what you do is have other people read what you've written and these people will be commenting about your work--every little thing about your work. Comments may range from questions to even attacks on your plot, storyline, characters, and even your character's motivations. Writing workshops are a bit terrifying to join especially if you have no confidence over what you written; but writing workshops are such a fond memory of my "writing career" because it taught me lessons that I would never really learn on my own.

Writing workshops taught me to accept criticism and my mistakes. It taught me to seek other people's perspectives and to consider these little worlds of thoughts into my own personal jumble jungle. In the photo above, you can see stacks of papers because those our copies of our works as we read them through and comment away. It's always scary to be the topic but it's always a fruitful two-way beneficial street to be commented on and to comment on other people's art. You not only learn from your mistakes, you also learn from your colleagues mistakes--and vise versa in terms of successes.

I miss being part of a writing workshop and among many things, it's what I know I will be seeking as I continue to grow alongside words. Very special thanks to my MP 110 professor, Sir Jimmuel Naval for all the insights and the friendship (he's the one in the middle). He's an award-winning novelist, mind you. He lives in a lovelyyyy house, with a loving wife (who also became my Philosophy professor!) and really fun children. He gave me inspiration when I knew my spirit needed it. 

Have you been part of a writing workshop?


  1. I have been to some, and it's kinda off my niche: sportswriting?hahaha! ;)


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  3. I was really lucky to have been part of the Ateneo Heights Workshop and the Silliman University National Writers Workshop, as well as various class workshops in school. I agree - they're great learning experiences, although the first workshop I attended, I cried because I didn't expect the comments to be like that. :P

    <3, Tina

    1. wow thats a great experience! thank you for sharing. maybe you should learn some lessons?

      and yes, i cried too!


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