SKINCARE: I love you this Moistfull

Don't you just love getting samples from a purchase? I think part of what draws me back and back and back to an Etude House branch is their (sometimes challenging, but always fascinating) freebie program. See every P500, P2000 and P3000 you make at Etude House, you bring home something special. Personally, I always aim for the P3000 cause the best freebie's usually for that bracket. Here's one special freebie I got from a haul I did at Etude House. It's the entire Moistfull range--I've tried Moistfull essence full-size and I loved it! So ooh I was a very happy shopper when I left Etude House.

PS. (This is the longest PostScript ever)

It's finally September--a burr month! The cold climate would be upon us and next thing we know, it's Christmas! Woo hoo! Before the holiday cheers grow louder, don't forget to get your daily dose of sunshine on your inbox!

And I mean daily. I worked my butt off for this... but starting September 2012, you can now expect sunshine everyday! I already have a week's worth of stories ready for your enjoyment! :) My stories are now more fun and interactive and less random! hahaha Speaking of less random, I'm developing a StyleBook for LovingSunshine! I'm just so excited for that! :) It would be a Blogging StyleBook that I aim to implement by 2013. I have the entire burr season to develop it.

Basically a StyleBook is your writing style guide so you don't have to worry every now and then whether you write money like $1,500 or $1500.00 or $1500. It's very important and professional to have a StyleBook because it creates uniformity and a very distinct, well, style to your "publication", in this sense, website.

Is it MCdo or McDonald's? LovingSunshine StyleBook will make your reading experience (and my blogging adventure) so much more convenient and easy-to-read, I promise. I really have so many writing and basically general improvements for this humble page. I am back in my center, not lost with the hype, and I am determined to deliver quality post after post after post after post.

So again, pleased to announce that you can now expect stories everyday, 12AM Philippine-time. For special occasions, I would be uploading two or so stories in one day, but my commitment is to have a dose of sunshine for you all every day--cause you know...

a day without sunshine is not a day at all


  1. I'd be looking forward to the "stories everyday" :)

  2. This is so helpful im also an etude fan, love your post
    btw i started following you. you can follow me back if you want

    1. Thanks a lot. glad to share the love for Etude with another girl :D


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