EVENT: NCNY Fall 2012

I live in a beautiful country of rain and sun. I commute a lot so I really make it a point that I'm wearing comfortable footwear. Almost always, you'd find me in my flats or slippers! When it's raining, I also always hide my leathers (and other materials) and just choose puddle-friendly footwear like the queen of all durable and stylish rain-or-shine footwear, Crocs.
Right: Croc Band 2.5 Flat Navy Raspberry P2,150 Left: CapToe Flat Espresso P2,500

Crocs footwear is an epitome of an over-achieving fashion piece. They are durable, comfortable, stylish, bold, trendy, and weather-resistant. They come in all sorts of colors and are even a collector's candyland! The thing about Crocs is, if you like a design, you're going to want to have it in all colors!

When I got invited to their launch of the New Crocs New You #NCNY Fall collection, I knew fate was on my side because I had a schedule that can accommodate it. I'm no newbie to Crocs, in fact, much of my college years in UP involved some very hardworking pairs! Now, after a few years of style evolution, I'm floored by how stylish and unique the new Crocs footwear are. There are quite a lot of pieces that you might want to check out from your favorite Crocs outlets but just to give you a brief overview, here's my top 6 Crocs footwear choices! Let me know what you think about the models I really really really want to have.

1. Lopro Full Vamp Canvas Sneaker P3,165
2. Stucco Black Wedge P3,400
3. Rainfloe Boot Pomegranate P4,495
4. Kadee Iridescent Yellow P2,400
5. Lopro Short Vamp Plim Sneaker P3,960
6. Lopro Long Vamp Plim Sneaker GlamPink and White P3,960

Among the six... I really want number 6. Saved the best for last! To be updated with Crocs, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.To know more about the New Crocs New You campaign, visit www.newcrocsnewyou.com

Crocs’ Fall collection has over 100 models and colors designed to satisfy the fashion cravings of every male and female Filipino. Having the all-time favorites like the flats, heels, and sneakers, boat shoes, and the addition of boots, Crocs cannot be more proud to launch their latest shoe line. Among all those designs, most exciting for me are the sneakers and boat shoes... which is quite surreal cause I don't really wear those type of shoes but I found their rendition of such trendy pieces to be worth a try!
Our table.

Do you use Crocs? What pair do you have? I have a Black CapToe Flats*. It's goes well with everything! 


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