TURNBACK TUESDAY#2 "Well this dream broke wide open."

Now that all the major revisions and site design editing for this weblog is over (please tell me what you think of my layout and color scheme), I can relax a bit and focus more on my stories, articles and features. But before I move forward, let me take you back during those days when I had absolutely 10% Photoshop knowledge!
I'm such a dreamer!

I would say zero knowledge, but I knew a few strings so let's just make it at 10%! And for those wondering, I think seven years after... I'm 25% Photoshop-ready! There's just so many grand things you can do with Photoshop and I only know a few--no complains though because I really don't need them all. You should know that for my pictures (especially for makeup reviews, products features, etc) I only crop and watermark. A few tweaks on curves to improve lighting too (since I have really bad ones) and that's about it. I always strive for the closest color quality so you can all rely on my posts for your future beauty-ventures!

Just a little background on the photo above... that's me in a sarong/bathing suit. The photo was cut from a beach photo and then pasted on a UP Oble photo. UP is acronym for University of the Philippines (my alma mater) and Oble, the guy with spread arms, is our icon. He's naked by the way.

He's a naked man with outstretched arms. Why so? It's a metaphor and like any artwork I want you to share with me how you would like to interpret Oble! :)

PS. Here are some photos a very dear friend made for me. At the time, I was looking for a nice profile pic! :p Ahh, sweet memories are so damn hard to forget.

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