BRIGHTBEAUTY#3: Sacred Evenings

With money being a concern among us all--don't you just wish it does grow on trees? Maybe that will help give us all a more environmental/financial motivation... sales and promotions becomes the next best thing. When I was younger, I used to wish hard for unlimited money, like a Santa Claus purse where I can pull out any amount of money I need for shopping--but now that I'm older and wiser I know that the fun in shopping is not really in affording everything I want, but in finding the things I want in the price I want to pay it for! 

Here's a round up of what makes evenings in my world extra beautiful. If you shop at, you might even want to enjoy this special 10% off coupon: $10 off $50 on! To read my little personal message, enlarge the photo here.

Ahh... Arabian Nights is too lovely to ignore. It's sexy and romantic and majestic all at once! Notice how I won't stop talking about Jack Black lipbalm? I reviewed it here. :)

Why don't you tell me your own evening ritual... :)

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  1. wow, i also want to indulge at night with those products

  2. That palette looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing~


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