MAKEUP: Tattoed on my Eye

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Now... back to makeup.

When the Maybelline Color Tattoo range was released earlier this year, all I could wish for was PLEASE BE IN THE PHILIPPINES! However, like many other Maybelline products, it didn't see the light of our tropical day. Good thing I have friends in the US who were able to swap with me for it!
Joann of shared with me these two funky colored eyeshadows from the Maybelline 24-hr Color Tattoo range. I must say, these babies are famous for something alright. They really have an amazing staying power (didn't have them on for 24 hours but they lasted the whole day sans creasing or smudging!) I guess the only downside for this is removal. If you're not even patient enough to be bothered by a waterproof mascara, you might find removing these shadows troubling especially because you lay them on your lids--which you shouldn't tug or pull unless you want them to sag sooner than you say nooooo!

The eyeshadows have a very creamy formulation, almost like an ordinary cream shadow, but the finish upon application is stronger, bolder and more secured. They look like paint pots and are not packaged sparsely so you do get a lot of product per pot. The glass case is of very good quality. Clumsy old me have dropped my pots a number of times and they don't show signs of damage (although I wouldn't recommend you throw these wonderful colors during a fit!)

Typically, you should apply these shadows using your clean fingers but if you're feeling a bit playful, you may use an eyeliner brush and define your lash line with these bold colors. These color tattoos are very obedient, as you can see in my swatches above.

If you have dark lids like I have dark lids, then I would recommend trying the orange tattoo as a primer for your yellows, oranges and even golds. It works like magic! It's a color base, better than a primer, that really exudes vivid results upon application of your powder eyeshadow of choice. The Pomegranate Punk however is also a great color base for smokey eyes, monochromatic or otherwise. It has a lovely maroon undertone that warms up dark browns to reveal a romantic sensual reddish character fit for fall, don't you think?

What other product recommendations for an eyeshadow base do you have to share?


  1. Hope you can try them on your eyes and show them to us :)

    The Misty Mom

  2. Love the colors! :)

  3. these colors are so pretty! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  4. I have to go back and get the pomegrante punk color for myself! Perfect fall color! I thought you'd like those 2 colors as they aren't the usual neutral type that's easy to find.

    1. yes omg that pomegranate one never left my side since your box arrived. i was floored by how it was so great for day and night

  5. they look really pigmented. Nice.

  6. how I wish that these would be available in the Philippine market soon. pomegranate punk looks like a really pretty color.


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