HAUL: FrenchMacaroons Treats

While I was doing my article for Northern&Southern Living, September, I had to feature online stores related to beauty. This venture brought me to FrenchMacaroons store. I really enjoyed their interface (oh we both are turquoised all over) and they had commendable customer service. I think, among many things, the most important aspect of an online shop that you should be watching out for is their capacity to serve customer inquiries and concerns through quality customer service. Online stores, because of their lack of a physical interaction with customers would always compensate with efficient customer service.

Here are some items Kriss sent my way! She overwhelmed me with her generosity--so unexpected! I will be posting separate reviews throughout October (my birthmonth) because I have already road tested these items for more than 4 weeks and I have enough comments about them to produce individual reviews. :) So yes, please stay tuned!

Visit their store at FrenchMacaroons.multiply.com
Thank you FrenchMacaroons!


  1. Lots of utterly cute stuff! :) The site has everything! Adorable!

  2. Wow another site to check out :D Excited for your reviews :D Happy birthday in advance! (Super advance ba? hahahaha)

  3. I really like the color of your NYX matte lipstick and the lip balm are so cute.I will definitely check this site.Thanks for sharing.


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