BRIGHTBEAUTY#2 Be Stress-free


Every now and then, I find myself blowing up over a petty problem--all because the petty problems piled up to be one big heavy little chip on my shoulder. Although I believe a chip here and there makes each story worth telling, I also know I shouldn't let the worse get the best of me. So here are some of the things I keep in mind so each day would be a lovely spree.

The books featured above are the upcoming book reviews you would see on this page; while the lip gloss has been a growing favorite the past few weeks. I featured those lovely Honey Plump glosses on this post.

How about you? How do you cope with stress?

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! ♥ I might as well start the No. 1! Hihi! ^^

  2. Aww love your ideas.. chocolate and shopping definitely helps, but listening to loud music is probably my favourite to de-stress :D

  3. Great tips! I also recommend keeping a journal. I have been going through stressful times (academically and romantically) and keeping a journal has helped me out a lot. If I'm angry I can rant for pages, let it out of my system and sleep with my head clean. If the day was good, writing about it helps reflect on what made my happy, and focus on the positive :)


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