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I pile on a LOT of stuff on my face. I think, on an average day, I use four products on my face--and that's just skincare. I use a toner, a serum, a correcting fluid, an eye cream and a moisturizer. On special occasions I use an SPF (on top of my moisturizer even if the moisturizer I use also has SPF hehe). Then I apply makeup.

That's for the day. My night routine is a whole different thing. Like this post if you want me to post about my skincare routine
So it's very important for me to make sure that by the time I wear makeup, my makeup would cling on to my skin. Having so much product on the face pre-cosmetics tend to be a bit challenging especially if you're using a powder base. This is why I'm grateful to have discovered's LadyButterfly Blotting paper*.

I bet you're interested to know about the LadyButterfly Blotting Paper!

Aburatorigami, literally meaning oil-removal-paper, has been an essential Japanese beauty must-have for centuries.  The little secret is that Aburarotigami is not something just to be used by ladies with oily complexion at all.  It does a lot more than that, and is used for dry to normal and oily skin for its various skincare and makeup benefits.   Among its many benefits, Aburatorigami  works exceptionally well to keep the balance of moisture and oil in the skin and prevents skin problems.

 This Aburatorigami, or blotting paper, is unique because aside from absorbing excess oil and perspiration, it helps even out the skin, prevent obvious cream or makeup creasing, and it is also collagen-enriched so you care for your skin as you eliminate shine. Each film contains collagen (which is great for your skin, especially aging skin) and is fragrance-free (so you don't have to fear an allergic reaction to this product).

People who prefer limiting their exposure to chemical ingredients would enjoy how the LadyButterfly blotting paper is 100% natural and is so effective you wouldn't even have to reach for your talc-loaded powder just to prevent shine. What I love the most about it is its fragile texture because I just enjoy how fun it is to feel like a very feminine girl.

So yes, if you would like to avoid exaggerating those fine lines which I'm sure you answer with a resounding yes, you might want to follow this long-running Japanese trend and keep a blotting paper inside your makeup kit for those mid-day touch ups.

Do you use blotting papers?

PS. Love Japanese? Here's a little historical trivia on le blotting papurr. (Source)

The original aburatorigami was born about 1,000 years ago as a by-product of making gold leaf in Kanazawa city by Sea of Japan.
Originally, paper called hakuuchi-gami was used to support delicate gold when a craftsman hammered the gold out into very thin leaf. When Kyoto was the imperial capital (794-1192 AD), the demand was extremely high; gold was used in decorating temples and in providing the emperor and the nobility with high-quality furnishings and crafts. Thus, much hakuuchi-gami was taken to Kyoto as wrapping for delicate gold leaf.
Time went by, and a rumor “Hakuuchi-gami makes you feel just like you’ve taken a bath!” spread throughout Kyoto. People were surprised to see how much oil was absorbed by only a piece of thin paper, which was then thrown away. This was the moment when aburatorigami was born.


  1. Wow interesting! I sometimes use blotting papers from Sephora ;)

  2. this looks so good!! thanks for sharing <3


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