REVIEW: Flavored Lip Care anyone?

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I love flavored kisses! I'd like to share with you my love-hate relationship with lip balms! If any of these are your favorites/disappointments too, please let me know through the comment box below!

LOVE: EOS Lip Spheres. These are not available locally but some online stores carry EOS. I got these from Ebay and I can't wait for more flavors! I wish they come up with Chocolate, Butterscotch and Caramel flavored Spheres! It can be like a range in brown-beige, tan collection--ha! I want it so much I already thought of the packaging! :)

If you're a true blue EOS fan, kindly comment below the flavors for the ones I have! :)

My favorite would have to be Sweet Mint.

LOVE: Lip Ice fruit collection. I love this range because the flavors are so unique! Normally you get strawberry, cherry and menthol for lip balms, right? But rarely would you get (from L to R) Apple, Lemon and Orange Mandarin. The Pink one is strawberry. Lip Ice is a drugstore brand so imagine how affordable each tube is! I've had this for the longest time so sorry I'm not sure about the price anymore but if you like sweet tasting lip slickers but don't want to say "bye-bye" to a menthol kick, Lip Ice is the best of both worlds.

LOVE: Etude House Hug Me pot.

Well, I don't read Korean so if anyone reading this post can read Korean, would you please do the honors and let me know through the comment box!?

I love the cute packaging, I love the flavor and I love how it's also very peach-scented. I don't like that it's in a pot (I prefer squeeze type products always--hygiene matters!

LOVE: Etude House Apricot Stick. This is a very nice tinted lip balm for those who want to heal their chapped lips in style. Plus, I love Apricot flavored glosses--I blame my strong attachment to Stila's Apricot Lip Glaze. :)

See, tinted!

HATE: Sorry Carmex but I just don't love your lip balms. Not the unscented, not the flavored. One, your lip balms melt like crazy! Imagine a tube with a melted lip balm, that's Carmex. You taste waxy (smell weird and waxy too). IDK. I don't like Carmex, :(

GREAT LOVE: This is my HG when it comes to lip balms. This is truly the best out there. Smells great, tastes great, feels great, feels light, very effective in healing cracked lips, very effective in preventing cracked lips, not tested on animals, 100% natural, uh need I say more?

LOVE: This was given to me by friend Dindin and I absolutely love using this at night.

Bottega Verde's Stick Labbra (I am assuming it meant stick for the lips since labbra could possibly mean "labi" of lips. :)

Looks like honey, feels smooth and smells like honey too! :)

Well, there's more but I'd keep my mouth shut for a while as the next line-up of lip care would involve an international giveaway! Uh-huh. So hit Follow button now--on the sidebar! :)

Always smile! :)


  1. I hate Carmex! I like Burt's Bee, but I hate their bee's wax lip balm. I love EOS because they balms smell so good and the shape is just so fun! But I don't personally think EOS balms are all that moisturizing. My HG balms are the Smiths Rosebud Salve and Jack Black lip balms :D

  2. Wow.. those look really "delicious".. hehe.. Parang they're so yummy and look good to eat, especially thoe EOS Lip spheres. LOL..

    I use a lip balm by Avon.. but that Bottega Verde's Stick Labbra, parang gusto ko nyan.. :)

  3. thanks so much for your sweet comment :)
    the 'hug me' lipbalm is adorable!!

    would you like us to follow each other? :)


  4. I've tried Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm, it's very moisturizing but I find it too waxy.

    I've been wanting to try the Lip Ice and EOS lip balms because of all the raves about it.

    My current fave is the Alba un-pretroleum Lip balm with SPF18 which you can buy from Healthy Options. I've tried Cherry and Tangerine I love both!

  5. Wow, daming lipbalm! I was thinking of getting EOS lipbalm pero hindi ko parin maconvince yung sarili ko.LOL! Parang ang mhal for a lipbalm. :) anyway, love your post. nacurious ako bigla sa burt's bees

  6. OH MY!!! you have a lot of EOS lip balms!!! Try Jack Black if you have the chance. They are my HG :)

  7. I looove EOS lip balms. I have extremely flaky lips even after exfoliation and my EOS lip balm keeps it from excessively peeling <3 I love how they aren't the traditional shape and I find it much easier to use^^ I need to find all those flavors you have! I only have the red one. I think it's passion fruit? Anyhow, I love passion fruit anyway (:

  8. the EOS balm looks so lovely, I heard people rave about it so many times. I might have to get it.

    btw, you didn't leave your e-mail in the comments under my giveaway so please add that if you want to be counted :)

  9. Hello fellow EOS lover! :D Judging by the picture, you have Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Summer Fruit, and Passion Fruit :D

    I'm currently using the Medicated Tangerine because I'm suffering from windburn and it's the only one that could tame it. :D

    I made a blog entry related to lip balms just last night, hope you could visit :)

    followed your blog using my Google Account! :D


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