FROM THE VAULT: Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir Launch at Greenbelt 5

Who you lookin' at?

Do you recognize the face behind the campaign? Yes, none other than Kirsten Dunst, made sexier.

I love Kirsten Dunst and if you love her too, you might want to view this video first before scrolling down.

Kirsten Dunst is perfect for this campaign. She's just so effortlessly sexy, yet always very young. I find her so stunning in this campaign, hands down.

Few weeks ago, Bvlgari Philippines launched its new fragrance coined Mon Jasmin Noir. Looking at it, I can't help but think of diamonds. I love anything white and clean, and this scent is among those fragrances that register as "clean" and smooth.

There were so many people at the event. I love how everybody were dressed up for the occasion.

The girl with her big smile was covering me from shooting my idol Miriam Quiambao. :p

Slightly found it surreal to see Mia Ayesa. I know many of you may know her as a model/socialite, but I know her as a classmate, in PE Stretching! Haha yes, there's a PE class called Stretching... and we just stretch a lot! We were both tall (well, Mia was taller than I), so we ended up as partners since some stretches required one. :)

I couldn't miss the event for my girl Sigrid. Finally we met. She's one of the nicest I've known in the industry so far. Congratulations dear for a successful event!

Here's the installation for Mon Jasmin Noir. Everything about Bvlgari is classy.

Check out crisp and delicate the bottle is. It's very angelic too.
Mon Jasmin Noir is a luminous and seductive fragrant jewel of addictive floral composition. Modernity and sensuality of this fragrance is achieved by blending notes of lily of the valley, Sambac jasmine, musky nougatine and vibrant woods. The noses of the composition are Olivier Polge and Sophie Labbe. Source link.
Well, I love Jasmine scent by default. I love using anything Jasmine whenever I want to relax and calm my senses, so Mon Jasmine Noir got me good on that arena. At first, I wasn't a fan of how floral and musky it was but after a while, the longer it stayed on my skin, the more suitable it became for my personality. I didn't like it at first because it seemed too "for evening" for me, but after a while it left a scent that is actually very "daytime" as well. I love how it makes me feel very lady-like without smelling like a garden.

Mara and Liz were the first few bloggers I saw at the launch. I don't think there were much bloggers at the event, so it was nice to see familiar faces.

After the event, it was a date with Liz and Nikki.

Liz didn't want anything heavy... but we ended up at Pepper Steak haha alam na.

Everybody had this... much! So much for nothing heavy. :)

Have you tried this scent? What are your thoughts?


  1. That's pretty cool that they have that! You look pretty as well!

  2. Wow she does look absolutely gorgeous!
    What a great and fun event!

  3. such a nice and classy event! sure, you had a great time!

  4. Jasmine Noir is a beautifully womanly scent.
    Deep and seductive.
    That dish looks delish.


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