CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk2 winners

Just a quick post to announce winners for week 2! Congratulations Apple and Monette! You will be receiving email vy soon (within the day, as early as that!). Please respond to it soon, kei? :)

Monette said she'd dye her hair orange... because I love Jamir's hair (Slapshock) when they launched their song "agent Orange" =)

Apple said she'd dye her hair green... because green is my favorite color! Eco-Friendly! :)

Aww, the universe conspires talaga. How did you guys know my favorite colors are those! :)

Here are my favorite answers for this set. If your answer is one of these, thank you for making my day!

I love Rainbow Happy! :)
"I was born to hate the color pink, or so i thought. For many years, i loathed its ultra girly and dainty shade. But now, i admit, it matches my personality perfectly. Im usually very fun and bubbly, hence the brightness of the color; and also very kikay and girly; also it can be paired with other cotton-candy shades screaming RAINBOW HAPPY, or paired with blacks and whites just to add the perfect pop of color for an edgy statement. That’s just how I am; very childlike yet angsty."

My UP-bias
"Because I'm as feisty as a Fighting Maroon!"

My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, so yes, I will always favor an orange-haired person. :)
"Orange matches my personality because since its bright and eye capturing, I am the type of person you can "easliy go into. I am friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person."

Red is love. I agree too than it is passionate.
"I would dye my hair with a red hue. what an outrageous color! i want it red because i want to look like Hayley Williams of Paramore. aside from that, the way I care for my hair signifies that I value it. red reflects my personality. red belongs to warm colors and signifies love. i could say that i am a warm, loving, passionate and tender kind of person."

How about platinum? :)
"(White) Because it's so freaky and I could so rock it! White is so versatile, just like black hair! I could glam it up or rock it out. It would be a total transformation!"

Thanks everyone and just wait for wk3! :) Don't forget to join my ongoing Nivea treat and ongoing Belle De Jour campaign! See sidebar photos for details/links.

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

Thirstythought has a quirky giveaway, which I joined. Visit it here, if you like quirky finds!


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