WINNERS CIRCLE: Make it Far and Happy Beautiful Christmas winners

Congratulations to Apple Rozeanne Mercado for making it big on my Make it Far Campaign! :) Will be emailing you in a few, please respond in by Nov.30 so I wouldn't have to draw another winner.

Here's her answer: BDJ take flight planner will help me to balance all my plans, it will help me to prioritize thing according to what is the most important. I want to pursue my studies despite of having a baby :)

My verdict: AGREE! A huge part of making it far (on anything) is mastering the art of proper prioritization. Multi-taskers or slashers (ie. writer/singer/entrepreneur/friend) understand this the best. The key to making it far is productivity, and your gateway to productivity is learning how to balance responsibilities and play.

Go lang ng go mommy! :p

Here are other inspired answers from the campaign:

"Hopefully, if GOD permits I really really wanted to enroll again and finish my studies. ;)" --same here!!!

"I know I can be better than what I am now."

"I made a promise to myself that I would focus more to achieve my goals in life, not only for myself, but also, for my friends, and family, whom I share my success with."

"I will finally graduate college!!! After 5 years of hardships, i will finally make it to the end of being a student. But i'm sure i will really miss being a student. And it's time for me to plan my future and face the real world. I will definitely make it far because i'm aiming high for a better future and to payback all the hardships of my parents." --ahh graduation bliss. Good luck and I hope the world opens up to you well! :) Pls let us know how far you'd go!

"I will be graduating college this March! But before that, I will have to undergo the dreaded Thesis Defense! But I'll just have to keep myself organized and focused on my priorities. And after all that, it's only the beginning of the rest of my life -- Looking for work, meeting new people and adapting to a new environment and so on. I'm so looking forward for 2012 with all the challenges that I have to bravely face and hopefully achieve things that I can be proud of!" --I hope your Thesis Defense goes well! Brave people always go further. Just keep your cool and try not to let anything make you crumble. :)

"I will try not to be lazy anymore!" --TOMOO!!

Those are only a few of the inspired Make it Far answers I received and I'm so happy everybody's thinking positively as the year closes. There's no where to go but up!

On a DIFFERENT NOTE, let me also announce the winners of the Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk3 treat. We have two for this so if you joined, keep on scrolling down. 

OK Strike that Maricar Reyes pose, winners: Leizle Demaisip and Elinor Semira!

I noticed that your kissable lips tips were very similar and a recurring strategy was followed by many, so let me sum it up to you in three ways, including my very own Kissable Lips trick.

Your lips are among the most sensitive skin regions of your face. Taking care of ones lips should not be taken for granted especially for women because plump and healthy lips may well be your secret weapon. Ever had a dull day which you successfully turned around just with a hint of gloss? Well, no gloss can turn around chapped, cracked and coarse lips so take care of 'em everyday by following this three-step lip trick right after you shower, before sleeping.

1. Exfoliate your lips. Like any other skin region of the body, the lips should be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells and to also encourage newer cells to regenerate. You may opt to use a toothbrush or a sugar scrub, but I think the most convenient way of exfoliating the lips is by using a clean face towel. Simply wet a small portion of the towel with luke warm water and then rub it unto your lips. With gentle circular motion, rub the towel against your upper and lower lips until you get that rosy red bite.  Do this at least twice a week.

2. Moisturize. NEVER take moisturizers for granted, and the same applies on lips--especially after a scrub. Using your favorite lip balm, lock in moisture on your puckers as you sleep. Avoid licking your lips. Don't ever jump into conclusion that your saliva keeps your lips hydrated when you lick them. Also remember, the colder it is, the more you'd need to work extra hard to locking in moisture, not just on your beloved lips, but also for the rest of the body.

3. Stay Hydrated. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to healthy looking lips. If your lips are cracked and are easily burnt, perhaps it's your body's way of telling you you're dehydrated. Chug on some h20 and try to make that 8 glasses a week, a major life-changing habit.

PS. Do not smoke.
PPS. Use lip balm that has SPF especially before sun exposure (duh).

Stay tuned as I launch Wk4. Congratulations to all winners and don't forget to join my NIVEA giveaway while waiting for Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk 4!

Always smile! :)


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