REVIEW: San San Cheek Blusher in Mocha Blush and Rosy Blush

Why is it that when I formally consider myself to be on a spending ban, I end up buying... more if not still??? Ever been in that rut? Share it through the comments!

Anyway, I bought flats today. I was supposed to buy this clown-ish platform heels before rushing home but I switched to the blue flats with ribbons/tassels instead. How I managed to also stop by an HBC before going home? IDK.

Well, my best friend was looking at the option of dying her hair and I told her I've tried DIY hair coloring using HBC and for the very affordable price, it did deliver quite positive results. She just had her hair colored so she wasn't willing to spend much and was open to my suggestion.

While she was choosing for hair color, I was at the make-up section when I saw tadaa the cheek blushers I blogged about here. I can't recall but I think I mentioned not buying Mocha Blush (one on left) because I'm not much of a bronzer-user but oh-kei, when I saw Rosy Blush, a shade that wasn't in stock when I got Honey Blush and Pink Blush, I was like "OK. This is a sign telling me 'buy Mocha Blush, buy Mocha Blush'; so I did." Here's Mocha Blush (left) and Rosy Blush (right). They're just Php102 each.

As usual, LOL I didn't bother opening the box and checking the shades out because eitherway, I would buy both (I blame "the sign"). I'm surprised to see that the two said blushes were shimmery, like Pink Blush. The San San Cheek Blusher collection has (as far as I know) five shades: Peach and Honey Blush are "matte" blushes while Pink, Rosy and Mocha Blushes are with shimmer.

Here's what I ended up with in a matter of uhm two days? Totally impulsive, I guess part to blame is San San Cosmetics affordable range. It's just so easy to spend since I've tried and tested these blushes and although they're super affordable, they're super wonderful blushes! (from top L-clockwise: Pink Blush, Peach Blush, Rosy Blush, Mocha Blush, Honey Blush)

From L-R: Peach Blush, Honey Blush, Pink Blush, Rosy Blush, Mocha Blush

I say it again, I just LOVE this range of blushes from San San. I believe I've never loved a blush range as I have fallen for San San's Cheek Blusher range. The colors are right on to my preference, all very wearable and flattering. Most skin tones can match these shades, and I think any skin tone can go from shade 1 (Peach Blush) to shade 5 (Mocha Blush). I love how these compacts are 8g and are sold for only Php102 (some are even on sale and is reduced to just Php70!). I love how compact and easy to store these blushes are, and I love how with my fingers, they can be applied smoothly--as seen in photos, I throw away the brushes that come with this compact because it's completely pointless to use the brushes that are free with these babies haha. Oh, I don't want to be redundant since I've featured this blushes already so to those who wish to know more about these blushes, please read my first review about these products here.

I'm sure you're curious, so here are the swatches. No more errors this time It's Rosy Blush not Rose Blush haha!

I definitely recommend this. :D

If you were to choose, which do you like best?

Always smile! :)


  1. Amazing colors. They are really pretty. I am more of a pink cheek person but the peach also looks great.

  2. Ah! Gorgeous. I think i like peach and rose the most! But leaning toward peach, although all the shades are phenomenal!

  3. lovely! i think i might try these, i never bought anything from san san before :)
    i love the peach color the most ;)

  4. very nice blog!! i've never heard of this brand, but I love the shades :)) thanks for sharing!

  5. Looks like a great blush series! I like this post!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  6. lovely shades...i love them too!! except for their brush!...hehe. ^_^~

  7. are they all shimmery? which one is matte?


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