REVIEW: Bobbie Nail Polish in The Big Bang and Solar Burst

You all know how much I love the Milani Gems nail polish The Sneakerette sent me. 

While doing some grocery, I saw a revelation from a home-grown brand, Bobbie (which I ended up talking to E about cause she's such a nail freak)

Notice the similarity? Although Gems has bigger glitter specks and Bobbie has more on the gold sparkle, I can't help but be reminded of Milani Gems when I saw the Bobbie bottle. Funny even how people say Gems is a duper for Deborah Happy Birthday. If it's like that, the Gems is a due of Deborah's Happy Birthday and  Bobbie's The Big Bang (that's its name) is a dupe of a dupe. :p

Bobbie has two glittered bottles that caught my eye. The photo below shows Milani Gems, Bobbie Solar Burst (nice name) and Bobbie The Big Bang. Aren't they fun? I think nails are great "beds" for a fun-fare.

I wanted to post about this find today because it's the lats day of November and tom, Decemburr season officially begins. You know what that means, glitter-fest!

If you haven't tried these new shades, you should! They're below P40 and are available at leading supermarkets!

-very affordable, like all Bobbie products are. I love Bobbie range especially their nail polish remover! You know it's good because you know almost all salons use them! haha The green nail polish remover from Bobbie is the best. Similarly, their polishes are pretty awesome too. These two are nice for the season because they sparkle with all their might, especially when light hits your tips.
-easy to find. Bobbie nail polishes are almost always in stock in most supermarkets so like me, you can shop for beauty finds while doing grocery :)

-doesn't last long enough. Bobbie nail polishes have a tendency to chip off too soon, but I don't mind since I like changing often. To those who like their nail polish to last weeks, then Bobbie isn't for you.
-I wish it had more huge "confetti-like" glitter like Gems. I noticed how this glitter polish is "less opaque" because it has more on the gold--however since it's the season to be merry, I think it's timely to wear a golden sparkle on your fingertips.

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K?

On a different note, I've been using those products (nail hardeners) alternately. Sadly, none seems ot work for me. My nails are still brittle, still chip off (like a polish, bonggggs) and break! I'm hopeless! Any tips or recommendations? I want to grow my nails and be able to prettify them too :)


  1. Oooooh their tiny bottles are so cute! I think I have something like Solar Burst by Kleancolor =]

  2. i made a post about these too, the supernova one (the blue jelly with green glitters) resembles Deborah Lippman's across the universe. perfect dupe if i may say so!

    i think the whole collection too,actually, except for this, which is for milani gems.

    they have a newer release, which is the smashed collection! iba talaga pag addict sa polish no?hahaha!alam kung ano ang bago

    as for nail chipping
    try to use it straight for 2 weeks without applying any nail polish on. put it on everyday. if it still doesn't work go for nail tek intensive therapy. it might be tricky to find one kasi nga it's not available here but i know a lot of my polish friends uses it & swears that it really works!

    im just using the one from Crayon, it's in a tiny bottle but it does the job.

  3. my problem with nail polishes with big glitters is that I have a difficult time scooping them out. And when I do, they have a tendency of sticking to the brush. Are these nail polishes any different?

  4. Oooh! Glitter fest! I like that! hehehe! I've never tried Bobbie nail polish... ma try nga. :)

  5. I like the glitter... I've never had much luck with nail hardeners, either, though...


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