REVIEW: Human Heart Nature Mineral Lipsticks in Coral Kiss and Pink Skies


Because I blog about beauty, I would have to admit I find keeping up with beauty sometimes stressful! I like not wearing make-up as much as I love playing with make-up, and so on and so forth. On days when I go blank-faced, I feel light, a little bit uglier than my make-up version of course but I always feel young without cosmetics all over my round face.

I'm very simple. I may seem to want so many things just to be happy but my personality's bottomline is simplicity. I make/give in to life's extravagance because sometimes I feel/know that I have the option to choose. Take that opportunity away, I'll be fine.

So let me quickly share with you how my Human Heart Nature lipsticks are doing.

The HN lipsticks are reformulated, notice the bottom part of the tube. That's also an indication to find out if the lipsticks are with cocoa butter already. The reformulated Passionfruit Hydrating Mineral lipstick claims a smoother glide. Upon trying, weird enough my Pink Skies and Coral Kiss tubes were difficult to work with. I have a reformulated Sweet Nectar and it was smoother compared to the old batch so I was a bit bummed why my Pink Skies and Coral Kiss weren't. I noticed it while applying, and since I have a history of broken Human Heart Nature lipsticks, I stopped gliding the tube on my lips and decided on patting the product on instead. It was a more tedious process but it did deliver color and I liked the satin result.

Here's the "most popular" Coral Kiss, and the fairest of them all "Pink Skies." They seem darker on the tube compared to when applied on the lips. Pink Skies especially, is lighter when applied. Coral Kiss is a nice burnt orange shade and depending on the natural tint of your lips, it can go from burnt orange to reddish brown. :)

This is Pink Skies--it's a very natural pink color perfect for day-time use. I love the satin finish it left on my lips. It's as if I used a lip brush! No clumps and because it is rich in moisture-boosting properties thanks to passionfruit oil, sunflower oil, and cocoa butter among many. I would recommend not to use a lip liner for Pink Skies because it's a natural color that you wouldn't want to make too perfect. :) To err is human. 

This is Coral Kiss--the "red orange" lipstick, that's how I see it. :p I'm glad that it wasn't a reddish brown color on my lips. My friends know among the four shades of HN's mineral lipsticks, Coral Kiss is the one I hate the most LOL because it looks weird on my lips! But, I think using sunflower oil on my lips improved my natural lip color which affected how lipsticks "register" against it. I kinda like how creamy red orange it is now. I decided to wear it with my blank face. Coral Kiss is a great shade to wear with a "no-makeup" face. It's a subtle yet flattering color for most skin tones.

How about you? Have you tries Human Heart Nature's Mineral Lipsticks?
Always smile! :)

I am using my favorite HN lipstick, Sweet Nectar, as a blush on. Check this post to see more about it.

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