NOTES: Who is Snoe?

Lovely sleeps ago, I met with the girls behind a brand that had sparked my curiosity at its best, Snoe . :)
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COMMERCIAL: I only got to watch Jason MRaz' Ustream once, and in that one time he also sang live (I swear I was shrieking none stop!) Anyway, I just saw this on my FB feed and aww it made my day. I love his music.

Now of course, because of YT Related videos, I ended up watching/listening to this too. My goodness. What is love right?

OK, Back to regular programming. :)

My blog, which started mainly because I wanted to "-chase beautiful things-" led me to a wonderful and successful discovery of Snoe brand. Interestingly, they're going to have a grand launch VERY very soon so I guess it was meant to be that we met this moving month of November. The universe conspires. :)

I got to take a sneak on their pretty hip new site, and when it's finally up, you have these two to blame! :)

It was a most delightful afternoon spent with new acquaintances that have warm open personalities. I don't have a lot friends who are into "beauty" as much as I am so it's always a treat for me to sit with those who understand... you know, who feels as passionate and as enthusiastic about, well beauty.

Who is Snoe?

SNOE BEAUTY PRODUCTS is an innovative cosmetics company operating in the mass market prestige, or “masstige”, market. Under its SNOE brand name, created in 2010, the Company develops , markets and distributes innovative, premium-priced products for the mass market channel. The Company’s products have broad consumer appeal. For more info, visit their fanpage here.
For something easier to related to... remember this from my fanpage?

Well, a lot of you guessed the photo to be a photo of candles, scented candles. But, well, it's actually a Snoe product!

Glam Jam is actually a range of four colors. I do not have Chocolate :( but I do have Crush, Scarlet and Blush. They are fruit-flavored lip and cheek tints--called Glam Jam because they look like yummy jams! Check these shots out for a better sneak on what these "candles" hold.

This is Scarlet. It's a deep red tint that is great for olive-skinned girls who want to see a pop of red flush across their cheeks. :)

This is Blush. This is a very sweet pink tint perfect for those real life Snow Whites! :)

Now check out how it's so jam-y :)

This is Crush. I love the scent of this lip and cheek tint because it's so fresh and unique--totally not what you'd expect from a tint. :) This too, is my personal favorite.

Haven't worked on swatches yet as I would like this post to be more of a "collection preview" post; but I'll work on swatches especially if these products leave me satisfied. :)

So far so good. Like I've mentioned, I do like the Crush tint and what I find fascinating about this range (besides the fact that these lip and cheek tints are flavored--like c'mon, isn't it nice that finally there's a flavored lip and cheek tint out there?!) is the pigmentation on these products. I'm sure you noticed, these pots are quite small, and I share the observation, but you know what, you don't need a lot of product to see some color on your skin so I guess this pot is an epitome of "a little goes a long way". :)

Here are other Snoe products I'm using and I will update you all regarding these items, especially those I'd find fantastic!

These are quite a number lined up, so it'd be nice to know. Which do you wish to hear about first? Let me know through the comments!

Always smile! :)

So... what's next from K? My Happy White Ever After review... coming soon :)

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  1. those look very cute! :) FOTD and swatches of the glam jams please. ;)

  2. Great beautiful products that I would love to try! <3<3

  3. The beauty products look amazing! <3



  4. Wow! Looks like SNOE is going to become "in" soon! :)

  5. wow these are so yummy
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  6. Those lip jams look so yum! Looking forward to swatches~

  7. I can see them as lip tints... but cheek tints? That's a bit strange to me. To put the same thing on your lips and face.

  8. What a cool name for a beauty brand, Snoe! Those lip and cheek tints looks so pretty and delicious lol. They're so bright!


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