CONTEST: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk4

Do you want to win this absolutely amazing blush collection?
*Disclaimer, I'm not sure if the winner will receive the entire collection, but personally, as long as PEACH BLUSH is there, you're all goooooood! :p
Then simply answer this question: WHAT MAKES YOU BLUSH?
Fill out THIS FORM (tip: right clik the link and open in new tab).

Oh my goodness, I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to giveaway these blushes because oh my goodness I have raved about these blushes over and over and over and over again. Simply put, if you don't win this giveaway, PLEASE buy these blushes, because they're so worth it!

Or, don't buy them cause I don't want them to be sold out! LOL Kidding lang, these blushes are must-try's/must-have's. Check out my reviews here and here.

In my excitement to launch this giveaway, I filmed three videos for this week BUT oh my god, minsan pangit rin yung maganda camera no? It takes forever to render, and I found myself without the luxury of time, so sorry, maybe next time! I'm working on it!


Always smile! :)


  1. Ooh Peach blush looks gorgeous! :)

  2. Peach blush looks pretty! :)

  3. I joined ;)

    I think honey rose blush or pink blush would compliment my skin,, ;)

  4. Peach blush sana gusto ko para maiba nmn bukod sap ink ;)

  5. joined! =) i love pink but i wanna try peach blush


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