WINNERS CIRCLE: Happy Beautiful Christmas Wk1 winners circle

The first Happy Beautiful Christmas week-wave has been so fun. I love how many of you shared your quirky hair-solutions, and it makes me feel like we're on our way to becoming BFF's! :) Before I announce the winners (randomly selected via, let me share with you some of my favorites. BTW if your answer is included in this list, as a treat to your fabulous answers, I'm automatically carrying over your points from wk1 as additional entry points if you try again for wk2. Wk2 giveaway will be announced very soon, please be back perhaps tom:

STORY OF MY LIFE TOO!: When I was in High School my Mom had may hair curled and when I got home and shampooed the other day it gone so frizzy I look so funny and ugly. Since then I had my hair up in a pony tail. 

MY READERS ARE SUPERMODEL MATERIAL!: My hair was naturally straight but dull, not that shiny and a little bit buhaghag as called, so I tried to have it rebonded two years back, Luckily it turned out good and satisfaction lingers me.. but few months after, My hair gets rough especially at the ends and drastically looks so frizzy. To get rid of which, I had it cut in the salon a little bit shorter than my usual hair cut. I also stop availing treatments in the salon rather I used organic shampoo offered just to bring back my natural straight hair. And now, I'm confident to show my natural shiny straight hair and I even got a chance to join in Pantene's first biggest shampoo commercial =D

NOT YOUR ORDINARY DELILAH: I think it would be the wrong cut I had in a salon when I was in my elementary years. I usually had a very long hair since eversince i think. Then when I went to trim a few inch of my hair the stylist had cut it very short than what i instructed. My hair was until my waist in length but she cut it until below shoulder length. I was so shock and furious. But she promised that she'll make it look good. So i let her do it since it's already there. When it was finally done i realized change is something new and it made me feel great. I also managed to try on different style with a shorter hair I 've never tried on having a very long hair. I let it flaunt all day long without having it pony-tailed and clipped-on.

My most Unforgettable hair nightmare was happened 7 years ago.. i was 2nd year student that time.. Hair straighting, rebonding..etc. were on click that time. I was just too curious and started to think why don't i tried to go to salon and get straight my hair? my hair that time was on a medium length ,not too straight, wavy and frizzy.. after the procedure UNFORTUNATELY my hair became Kinky and it looks  like my hair was totally damaged i think because of the cream, treatment etc.. that the hairstylist applied on my hair  :( I was ashamed on myself and regreted why did i tried to do it on my hair ;( To make it short, i just promised to myself not to do it again and take good care on my hair, Everyday i always used conditioner to conditioned my hair to make it back to normal, I used Hbc conditoner and it really help me a lot actually.. now im proud to say i have a LONG SHINY and HEALTHY HAIR :) thanks HBC :)check this pic: PICTURE LINK

Week1's over and we now have our two winners. So without further adoodoodoo--hehe couldn't help it, sorry! Our winners for week 1 are Elaine Chua and Jade Jasmine Borja. :) I have left you messages on your Facebook ladies, pls reply with me your complete address so we can send your prize to your nearest HBC branch. Pls respond in at least 48hrs so I don't have to re-draw!

Thank you very much everyone! Hope this Monday left you inspired! My Belle de Jour giveaway is ongoing so don't forget to join that too!

Always smile! :)

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  1. waahh.. Congrats to the two winners! :) thanks Ms. Mae for including me as one of your favorites.. i will definitely join your next contest :)


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