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I joined the Piolo Pascual date @ Boracay promo at HBC yesterday. I figured, since I posted about it on my giveaway here (Do join! No purchase required for MY giveaway.) I should probably check it out for myself.

I overdid it! haha I only needed to purchase Php200 worth of products to claim a ticket but I went home with Php600 worth of loot. Yeah, would you believe all that is just 600-sumthin'?! It's so fun!

Bought an eye cream. It has SPF15 and cucumber extract which is great in soothing those tired eyes. Also, I am fond of using eye creams because I am prone to fine lines around the eye area... I smile a lot eh. :)

Body Recipe eye cream is just Php115.

If you know how much I'm fond of lipsticks then you won't be surprised that there's a lipstick in last night's haul. Above is a swatch of San San Shimmer Lipstick shade 05... and crazy, it's just Php78! The only available shade was 05 :( I have no idea what the other shades are. I really like this line. I hope I get to try Shades 01, 02, 03, 04..

See, it's such a wonderful shade. I have been looking for a dewy orange lipstick for ages and this particular item almost made the cut. I love how it looks on the lips. I don't have a proper photo to share with you the lipstick swatched on my lips, will work on that, but anyway, I love the shade of this lipstick a lot....

Oh wait, you know I am raving when I'm redundant na! I kept on saying I love the shade of this lipstick! haha

What I don't like about it is it doesn't have that much of a staying power. But I have no problem with re-applying! :)

Like in any other lipstick, it also doesn't look good on "chappy" lips so yeah, I have to drink my h2o especially since it's starting to get really hot na.

Obviously I love this lipstick... I took and uploaded so many photos of it!

Another reason why I love this lipstick is it's packaging. Compared to the Age Defense line (the ones in translucent blue case), the shimmer lipstick's packaging is thicker, sturdier and the cap locks pretty well... so no worries that your lipstick wold smudge all over your kikay kit.

Well, that's not San San obviously, but you've heard me talk and rave about this product too! Introducing my favorite eyeshadow palette. I realized I have been referring to it as in shade Cantalily? haha So wrong so I took a photo of it. It's Lola Eyes Chantilly :) It's the most amazing palette ever and I'm really sad that as you can see, it's almost out.

Lola Cosmetics is available in select Marionaudd, SM department stores and Watsons branches.

I shared a shot of my favorite Lola Eyes palette because TADAAAA Oh was I giddy like a kiddie when I saw San San's Age Defense Eyeshadow trio 01. The shades are not exactly the same and it isn't in powder shimmer form, but, it's very very close. I love it!

They're twins! :) Left palette is the SAVE option as it is definitely less than Php150; while Right palette is the SPLURGE option as that small trio is over Php1k, if I can remember it well. :)

Other than the palette, I also purchased San San's gel eyeliner in Black. I am actually wearing it now and it's really nice. Zero smudging. Steady :)

It comes with a brush applicator so for those who are trying out gel eyeliners for the first time (say aye!), you don't have to worry about having nothing to apply it with.

It also available in Brown... hm, should I try the brown too?

Speaking of brown, I LOVE San San's eyebrow pencil in shade 03 A LOT. Crazy love it a lot. I even choose it over the Christian Dior eyebrow pencil haha! Because of that, I thought I should try it's lighter shade too... especially since I really want to have lighter locks. In the photo is shade 02. It's not bad but it's not the right brown for me, yet. The darker brown of shade 03 matches my skin tone and hair color still. 

I also bought San San Make-up Remover pulls so I can tidy up my make-up, kikay kit and be more hygienic in using brushes, lip wands and mascara wands. I know it's a waste to have a dedicated product to clean up make-up but I am also sure that it's more of a waste to let your cosmetics waste away with bacteria!
Just sharing. :) Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I am off to Fully Booked The Fort tom to pick-up books on hold for me.


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I didn't include in this post the Thick Lash Mascara I got. Pls wait my lash-dicated review. :)


  1. Hi!

    Are San San cosmetics safe to use? I actually bought all of their mousse foundations and blushes on a whim, but I'm still hesitant to use them :x

  2. Hi Orange! Nice nick name. I love it :)
    I have been using San San cosmetics and I haven't experienced any negative side effect out of it, even if I also do mix it with other brands of cosmetics. I supposed as a general rule, you should read the label--and this goes for any other product. If you find an ingredient that you know you're allergic with, don't risk it. Frankly, I don't have much skin sensitivities so I can get away with anything; however, there are those who are allergic to many typical cosmetic ingredients such as mineral oil and parabens, which are of course chemicals normally used on cosmetics (they're not good for you), but as I've said, it all boils down on your skin type and health. If you could, of course it would be better to go completely natural and organic (not just in cosmetics but also in skin care), but if you can't, cause I honestly can't do that cause it would mean giving up on a lot of the other cosmetic and skin care options out there, proper skincare and hygiene would definitely make it easier to avoid any adverse reactions to products.

    I hope I answered your query adequately :) Thank you for reading and for seeking advise. :)



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