Make-up Sponges VS Make-up Brushes

Tonight I did a little experiment. :) Here are the results.
Golden eyeshadow + Plum eyeshadow = Middle Eastern Bridal Make-Up (but subdued version only, no eyeliner, no long lashes, etc)

Check out how sparse my lashes are! Remember when I blogged about Talika Lipocils? This is the eye that didn't use the product.

For this eye, I used a brush... three actually. I used a large eyeshader brush, an angled eyeshader brush, and a tapered blending brush. Look how neat and clean my undereye is. No eyeshadow mess! :)

This is the eye that used Talika Lipocils! :) So great right!

For this eye, I used only a sponge. It was quite difficult to precisely apply the eyeshadows because with a sponge you don't have much control on where the product would be applied.

I found it easier to apply an eye-opening shimmering powder using a brush, of course because reaching this small corner of the eye is quite a challenge without one. :)

Using a sponge... not as messy but of course is a bit too all-over-the-place compared to when using a brush.

Brushes definitely win over sponges when it comes to shaping the brows because you simply can't use a sponge for that! Although perfectly defined brow is great, obviously defined brows are not pleasant.

For a more natural yet properly defined brow, use an eyebrow brush.

Same with the brows, no "sponge" solution for applying lipsticks. :) You definitely need a brush in shaping and perfecting a cupid's bow.

Using the other red lipstick. :)
I also prefer using a lip brush because it results to a more evenly applied lipstick for your puckers, you use minimal product (so you maximize your lippie-investments) and it is hygienic! :)

Using a sponge for the cheeks... also challenging. I did enjoy using the sponge in applying foundation because it was so fast and easy to prep the face for make-up but when it comes to blending the blush and eyeshadow, I don't know... it doesn't work with me too well.

It is so much easier for me to blend make-up unto my skin when using a brush. See the corner of my eye and my cheeks, none of the streaks you saw on the photo above.
That's about it! You judge!


Are you a brush or sponge person?
Please comment! :)

*all photos are unedited. variations in skin tone were caused by the camera flash*


  1. Oooooohhhhh! I love the gold and the red (lips). Pretty!

  2. brush person...
    like the gold and red lips


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