Happiness in tiny little things.

I always say, a little glitter goes a long way. Holding up an Allue palette. It is a two-toned pink eyeshadow duo with a gold glitter detailing on top. I scooped a little of the glitter and swooshed it on my skin to show how nice it looks. It's a great add-up to brighten the corners of the eye... but don't go all over it too fast! There's limited golden glory per palette though.

Sharing with you a little something from my office desk.

This undergone a makeover few weeks ago and it took me so long to share it but I just want to share with you guys what brightens my day especially when there are just so many papers to organize.

I really like finding fun things amongst my daily grind.

Speaking of fun things, sharing with you all a stolen snapshot from HBC's birthday bash. Was really happy to have been invited and to meet new friends from the event. It's so nice how HBC team is truly so hospitable. It's like we've known each other for such a long time already even if we all just met! I wasn't able to stay too long though, but the dance numbers and songs I got to witness was a great icebreaker... belated heartwarming happy birthday to HBC.

A few days ago, I stopped by HBC and got to grab San San's mousse collection, endorsed by none other than Anne Curtis. At first I was hesitant to try it because I know that finger-applied make-up can either do really well or not, but the collection got me curious, I just had to get my hands "dirty".

The collection is very limited but for it's small round of pots, I have to conclude that it's enough to make a statement out of. I look forward to the brand's extension of the mousse line to also include mousse concealer and eyeshadow perhaps?

 You've heard me rave about "airbrushed" make-up but this time, I got to try "air-whipped" naman. :) Check out the photo of San San's Mousse Make-up Collection below.

The collection includes three shades of foundation (P150) and two shades of blush (P120). Just like what I mentioned about the San San lipsticks I got to try, the really great thing about San San cosmetics is their affordability! With tags like those, you can't help but get them all!
I really like the foundation although the shades were limited to just three. Of course two shades of foundation is enough; however being neither fair or olive skinned (typical Asian dilemma) I always feel the challenge of finding the right shade to match my skin. Luckily, because of it's air-whipped formulation, it is so easy to simply mix shades to find my skin's perfect match! In the end, I mix beige and natural to achieve the right shade for my face.

 At first try, I had such a hard time using the mousse foundation. See I have already found my comfort zone using make-up brushes yet there I was, back to the very basics of using just my fingers for make-up application again. It even got to the point that I got so frustrated. It was difficult to blend and I couldn't quite get rid of the streaks of foundation I had on some areas of my face. Simply put, my first try was a disaster. I had to correct more than perfect my make-up to have a decent face of the day.

That was until I figured out what went wrong. I used the mousse foundation on dry skin, and just like in stains ot tints, using such type of make-up on dry skin will inevitably result in problematic application. Realizing this, I made sure my skin was well prepped for my next attempt of air-whipped wonder. I first applied my day moisturizer, I'm currently cleaning my L'oreal White Perfect pot as it's almost all used-up! I feel like I need to search again for my next whitening/correcting/toning skincare. I have uneven skintone especially on the face, that's why I always try to find new skin perfecting products ever so often. :)

From left to right: Olive, Natural, Beige (P150 each)

A tip: because in order to use make-up in mousse form, you have to scoop out a product from the packaging itself, make sure that your finger are clean and most importantly, your nails are not long! If they are, opt to use a make-up spatula to scoop out the product with ease. As for me, (as seen on the photo) I scoop out my mousse blush and spread it all over the pot's cap before I apply it on my skin. This way, I got to warm the make-up on my fingers before I spread the blush on the apples of my cheeks.

I use the cap instead of just doing the same process at the back of my wrist for example, because well, the back of my wrist is where I mix and blend two shades of foundation to find my perfect shade of foundation. :)

Swatch of Mocha blush on the left, Pink Blush on the right. :)
All in all, I would have to say I really enjoyed using San San's mousse collection. For one, it doesn't demand too much from me compared to when I use other types of make-up, those of which are best used/some even requiring, certain tools and brushes. I like the simplicity of using the mousse make-up. Perfect for everyday use, I should say. The foundation for example already has SPF15 on top of the Vitamins A, C and E that San San Cosmetics are known to always have in their products.

On a lighter note, I'm so excited to use up my mousse collection as I fell truly in love with the packaging of the product! It's classy and so durable! I want to recycle it and use it for my many little trinkets. Arts and crafts enthusiasts can definitely find joy in recycling the collection's outstanding cases. 


What do you think of the collection?
Please comment if you're sold into trying out the collection yourself!


  1. nice.. now i have to buy this.. ^_^ i love the packaging too can be use for travels.. I saw this once when i pass by HBC but because im in a hurry I was not able to take a look.

  2. Nice! I am so going to HBC now! I've been checking out EverBilena's mousse blush and mousse concealer but I didn't like it when I tried their tester and shades were just Off... I will definitely try sansan's mousse blush and mousse foundation. I love their face powder, it works well with me.


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