Human Heart Nature Hydrating Facial Wash

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It's been quite cold recently, especially at night, and when it is this cold, my skin tend to get dry. Because dry skin is the first step to skin aging, I use Human Heart Nature's Hydrating Facial Wash before sleeping. I really like it because it had a very mild formula and a very spa-like scent. It also effectively cleans the face off dirst, oil and sebum without the harsh effects of harmful chemicals as found in other facial cleansers.

When used with an all-vegetable facial sponge (which I recommend you use once a week), this Hydrating Facial Wash gives out promising results as soon as you step off the shower.

Buy this here.

For best results, I rehydrate my tired skin with Human Heart Nature Hydrating Toner. I love its zero-sting formula. Don't age! Use only nature's best-kept beautifying secrets.


Recommended for everyday use.
Best for dry and even mature skin.


  1. hi! toner works the best for me!!! il try the wash next

  2. i have dry skin, too, and i'm thinking of using these two. your review is really helpful :)


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