Jewel Charms

To me there are two kinds of kikay, and it is divided by a very distinct line: the make-up lover and the fragrance fanatic. Quite interestingly, I'm the former, my mom's the latter.

I came up with that "theory" when I also decided to distinguish the types of a fashionista: the bag maniac, shoe crazy, clothes horse and the accessory hoarder. None of my distinctions are backed-up by years of research but these "categories" make it easier for me to determine what kind of a shopper I'm behaving like, given a particular period of time.

As of writing, I'm looking forward to Bvlgari's Spring Release of their seasoned and ever-so-delightful Jewel Charms.

I think it's more thand just charming. Definitely, it's more than just a charm.

Each charm represents Bvlgari fragrances favorites.

I think it's heaven-"scent" especially for those who find it most difficult to come up with gift ideas. Surely, there's a charm for everybody! And for those who love completing a collection, I'm sure Bvlgari Jewel Charms would satisfy your thrill-seeking spirit.

My personal favorite is Bvlgari's Omnia Amethyste. This scent is unforgettable. If you want to let someone realize how you find her "unforgettable", Omnia Amethyste will definitely break grounds for you.

With that said, I wonder who'd be receiving Omnia Amethyste Charms this March.

Bvlgari Jewel Charms will be available in the Philippines come March 2011. Excited?


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