Enchanted Farm, Angat Bulacan

Beautiful welcoming sunshine right there.

Tree house ♥

Kubo-kubo that made me miss you, A.


Pretty walk down the aisle type..

The real aisle. Weddings can definitely be held here. I can imagine how wonderful that would be especially once the place has been fully developed.

Showcasing the beautiful things about the Philippines.

Some people feel the need to leave the Philippines to travel. I don't wonder why I don't.
Matt, talking about how GK Enchanted Farm was, is and will be.

If other parts of the world can take pride in the Philippines, I don't see why Filipinos shouldn't.

I wasn't able to listen to a lot of Matt's sharings but the vision is pretty solid, and in a few months, would definitely be more concrete as Enchanted Farm develops.

I ended up "manning" the tindahan for a while because ate had to get the kesong puti pa.

I just love the Philippines.


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