Most Loved Product: Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray Primer/Concealer

They say, the eyes are the windows to the soul so don't judge me if I always strive for the best when it comes to eye make-up. I firmly believe that one's eye make-up is one's make-or-break when it comes to achieving a look. Yes, a perfect skin makes an alluring glow, and luscious lips makes a captivating look; but there's something about the eyes that once you perfect it, all the other features are placed on the side-lines.

I love my eyes and I love how I just can't lie with them. When I'm excited, my eyes pop with glee! When I'm sad, my eyes look dim and gloomy. I can't lie with my eyes because I really can't look at someone else and say something else, you know. I'm sure some people are great in masking things, I'm sure I am great in hiding some things too, but ever so often, if I make the slightest mistake of letting my guard down, if I'm in an effort at hiding something whether a feeling or a truth, my eyes reveal it. So I love my eyes. My eyes bring people closer to truth and with what I learned in college (Ancient Psychology), Truth is Beauty.

Bright and well-rested looking eyes are easy to achieve with the right products and application! Would you believe that I was up by 2-4AM when I did this look for my eyes! That means I only had what, 2 hours of sleep before I had to prepare for work today; but look at how I look like I just came from a nice weekend rest. :)
To achieve a well-rested look, I did the following:
  1. Rub and warm up Liquid Base Make-up (I used HBC's Liquid Base Make-up in Natural) on your hands prior to foundation. Gently (without pulling) apply the product on your forehead then your cheeks then on your chin down to your neck. Use an upward and outward patting motion in applying the product. Once done, make sure you blend the primer along your hairline so there's no obvious division in shade between your face and your hairline. Optional, but definitely something I unintentionally end up doing Smile once done.
  2. Squirt a button-sized amount of Liquid Foundation (I used Mary Kay Liquid Foundation in Beige 300--for Oily Skin formulation) on a clean mixing palette If you don't have one, the back of your palm would do, or a clean mirror... or any clean flat non-absorbent surface would do :). Using a mini-sized stippling brush, stipple your liquid foundation unto your face, starting with youre forehead down to your cheeks and neck. (I prefer using a small-sized stippling brush over a full-sized stippling brush because it makes application around the corners of the eyes, under-eyes and corners of the nose easier--but do note that it does take more time to cover the face since the brush is of course smaller. I used Studio 35's Travel Size Stippling Brush, thanks babe!) You'd know you're done when you see how smooth and perfectly "air-brushed" your skin looks like. Again, optional but is definitely a fun habit for everyone to start practicing Smile once done.
  3. Since I used a liquid foundation, the concealer happens after. Scoop a small amount of concealer with your clean fingers then rub and warm it up at the back of your palm. (I used Elianto's Cream Concealer in Shade 02) Gently pat underneath your eyes using the palm of your index finger. Don't pull! Especially with the concealer I used, it's very thick and creamy, it would definitely hurt the skin and can potentially cause wrinkles around the eyes if you pull! Pat only. Don't worry if your under-eye looks yellowish and tawny, you'd perfect it with the next step. (Use the same stippling brush from step no.2 and pound the product unto your skin so it looks more perfectly blended and to avoid undesirable creasin underneath the eyes.)
  4. Scoop a small amount of Primer and Brightening Concealer (I used Benefit Cosmetics' Stay Don't Stray Primer/Concealer) and tap it all over your lids. Notice how it instantly brightened and smoothened your lids--then you'd know how ready you are for your beautiful eye make-up. Continue by lightly patting some of the product underneath your eyes, yes, right where you previously applied concealer on. This would brighten up and make your eyes look more refreshed and rested. Once done, set everything with for favorite Powder Brush (I used Marionaudd's Full-sized Powder Brush) and Loose Powder (I forgot what I used, haha) Always remember that when you use anything liquid or cream form, you should always set it with powder!
  5. Line your eyes, make it pretty, apply your favorite eyeshadow and your favorite mascara--tadaa, by now your eyes are sooo ready to twinkle all day.

I lined my eyes using a Kohl eyeliner in Black. My perfectly flirty lashes was achieved by using Etude House' Proof 10 Henna Fix Waterproof Mascara. It is one amazing product that I would be reviewing in full detail later on, please wait for it. For the lids, I used my favorite (almost used-up, huhu) eyeshadow palette from Lola Cosmetics. For the white-eyeshadow dotted on the inner corner of my eye, it's the white eyeshadow from L'oreal Paris Open Eyes Pro which I truly am fond of using, for that specific purpose.
Hm... Spring season is upon us (well, in the Philippines, it's Summer, grabe naman ako mag-feeling with having a Spring season!) and I'm so delighted that my favorite perfume brand is releasing these delightful sets for their spring collection.
From Bulgari fragrances, available in Rustans.

From Bulgari fragrances, available in Rustans. This is particular is the scent that I recommend to everyone. If you're a woman, if you're beautiful, if you're sensual and if you're sweet and alluring--you have to have this perfume.


Good luck!

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