My Brush Cleansing Habit

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For a quick daily brush cleansing routine, perfect for the on-the-go make-up savvy, I would recommend Human Heart Nature's All Natural Citrus Burst Spray Sanitizer. I myself use it as my "lazy" brush cleanser. See, as much as I can, I clean my brushes religiously. Before, I was content in having a Sunday shower date with my make-up brushes but since I realized how completely unhygienic using used/dirty brushes is, I developed the habit.

BRUSH CLEANING TIP (ok for daily brush cleansing):
  • For those dealing with a "used" brush such as a powder brush which can basically last a week without wash (given that the brush wasn't shared, was only used on powder make-up, and is not filled with substantial make-up residue), simply hold your Citrus Burst a few inches away your brush then spray.
  • Dry your brush by sweeping it on your clean wrist. You will feel the moisture subsiding in a few. Likewise, you would be able to smell the refreshing citrus scent of the spray sanitizer.
  • Once the brushes are dry you can (1) use your germ-free "used" brush for yet another round or (2) you can leave your brush to dry for later use.

Because I care for my brushes, I use the mildest of all shampoos and cleansers. Yes, I know I've been posting a lot of Human Heart Nature products lately, but those who have been readers of this blog since last year, you guys are witness to how the brand and I had a rather "moody" courtship process.

Here are my top favorite Human Heart Nature products/soaps/shampoos used for intensive yet careful brush cleaning:

I use this Watermelon scented Baby Shampoo and wash because it is gentle enough to clean and care for my brushes. I use it also because it leaves such a mild hint of sweet watermelon goodness/scent on my brushes. Who said you can't have both clean and nice smelling brushes? Buy it here.

Sorry but I can't find an online photo of Human Heart Nature's Anti-Bacterial Soap, eh I'm in a but of a hurry doing this blog post. Anyway, I would personally recommend the Mandarin scent over the Lemongrass scent. Although I do love Human  Heart Nature Lemongrass scented hair care products, the smell of tanglad just doesn't bid my brushes and my face well, hehe. I use this anti-bacterial soap 2 to 3 times a week. If you want to care for your brushes--and to protect your skin-- buy this here.

I use this anti-bacterial soap especially for cleaning the brushes on my kikay kit/my travel brushes as these brushes are not as religiously cleaned compared to the brushes I just use at home. It is very important to ever so often clean your brushes with an anti-bacterial soap because brushes, as painful as it is to accept, are often breeding grounds of bacteria and germs. The more neglected your brushes are, the more likely your brushes are filled with eww-creatures. Have bacteria-free brushes now! Buy this here.

Don't use anti-bacterial soap all the time because this might leave your brushes stiff and dry. Stiff and dry bristles are not only painful and uncomfortable to use, these type of brushes can cause irritation on the skin too!

Instead, I use Human Heart Nature's Moisturizing Shampoo and Body Wash (in Mandarin Scent too). I love using this Shampoo and Wash for the same reasons I love using the Baby Shampoo--the scent and it's gentle yet effective brush cleansing capacity. However, compared to the Baby Shampoo and Wash, the Moisturizing Shampoo and Wash, as the name implies, has an added-value: it's moisturizing effect. If you'd like to experience this for yourself, buy here.

My brushes are always softer after a wonderful bath using this cleanser. I love the Mandarin Scent more because the Guava scent is too sweet for me. :) Buy this here.
 Hope this blog helped! Now I'm off to give my new travel mineral make-up brush set it's first bath!

TIP: Always wash your make-up brushes before first use. Most brushes, especially those that have unnatural shades of red, pink, etc, are chemically treated. Manufacturing, packaging and shipping may have also exposed your brushes to dirt unimaginable... so yes, I understand how it's so exciting to fool around with new sets of brushes, but to be safe (and hygienic, hello?!), wash those babies first... THEN PARTY TIME once it's dry!


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