Empress Kumi

Today I had my card read, well sort of. I got the Empress Card. :)

The last time someone read my cards, it was this complete stranger guy who used the "rule of thirds" to get to me and tell me that when he saw he, he felt in his psychic system that his cards, wanted to read me. Clearly, I was like, yeah right. But since I really didn't have anything to lose, and it was a good friend of mine whom he used to reach me, I'm like, OK!

We were at the lobby of this completely dilapidated dormitory and he laid out my cards.

I CRIED MY BALLS OUT!! Not that I completely believe or doubt tarot card reading, but boy was it a fascinating experience. I suggest you to try it at least once. Have fun!

S.P. Lovecraft: "Kumi: Ohayo, fellow Libra! I got the Empress for you. This must be pretty much in line with what you're currently doing: helping making the world a prettier, happier place to live in! Love what you do all the more & believe in yourself! Other ladies will definitely pick up that vibe from you to better themselves! Oh, & I hope your mom's alright! Thanks for dropping by! ♥"

Thank you S.P. Lovecraft! :)


Seek not your destiny for your destiny seeks you. -The Sunflower