Make-up Talk

I'm on my breakout season. Damn, it's starting to get really hot lately. I'm so excited to share my new-found summer-friendly skin care line... soon.

Hot summer days make me feel like cutting my hair really short again. Hm.

But there's just something so feminine about having long hair. Long haired morenas... yum.

Speaking of yum, I've been really hooked with my Passionfruit Hydrating lipstick in Sweet Nectar. It's on promo price right now. Instead of Php245, it's just Php195. It's Human Heart Nature's introductory promo for their new line of lippies. If you want one (or the set) for yourself, you may email me. Sweet Nectar is second to the left. Actually it is (from L-R) Pink Skies, Sweet Nectar, Coral Kiss and Earth Angel, respectively.

Who else thinks the names are so dear? Say aye!

Cosmetic lovers can find healthy alternatives in Human Heart Nature's Love Minerals line. Mineral Make-up is all the rave in the make-up industry now and I think these reasons stated above make all the hype justifiable.

However, no matter how wonderful Mineral Make-up is, I just can't seem to let go of my regular cosmetics. For example, above is a photo of one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. It's from Guerlain. It has the right shades of gold, bronze and greens perfect for making my Filipina skin look bright and festive.

Check out the applicators that come with it. They're not your ordinary sponge applicators as the handles are quite exquisite.

Other than eyeshadows, I can't let go of my love for Stila lip gloss as well. Actually, it's more of a love-hate relationship for me. I love how colorful, easy-to-apply and sweet-smelling these glosses are (especially the Apricot variand, which is almost completely used up now... oh no.); however, I don't like how these glosses are too thick and sticky (not Philippine-climate friendly) and I also don't like how these glosses make my lips "chap", in a weird way.

I mean, it's not dry chapping, but after a while, I can REALLY exfoliate the top layer of my lips whenever I use Stila lip glaze. It's not painful or whatever, but it is weird because it is serious exfoliation... although, like I said, it's a love-hate thing because although I'm not happy that such an "effect" happens whenever I use Stila lip glaze, after "exfoliating" or wiping off that top layer of gloss + skin, my lips look so fine and healthy!

But of course, like I said, Mineral-based cosmetics are all the hype now. Among many, I love Bare Escentuals because they are the perfect combination of "healthy make-up" and regular make-up qualities. Above is my collection of Buxom Babes lip plumping glosses and lip plumping crayons. What do you think of the colors? :)

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Guerlain is available at Rustan's Shangri-la and Makati. Stila Cosmetics and Bare Escentuals haul were all purchased from House of Flair. :)

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