-Cheesy Random Things-

If you followed my FB posts yesterday, you probably noticed the number of times I said I was happy, hehe. :)

I love the subtle fruity notes it leaves on my lips.

I tried my best to really capture both the shine on my face and the longevity of Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray. I felt it was very important to be able to show and contrast the shine and the product's performance in one shot so I may best illustrate to you how my face gets very very oily and yet there's no sign of smudging or horrid creasing on my eyes. I really am hands down on Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray Primer.

(Note: I am using Etude House Proof 10 Henna Mix Mascara. What do you think of it?

Close-up of my lids around 6PM, nine hours after I applied my make-up. After a long day at work, check out how the primer helped my make-up hold on to my lids.

This product is really great. Frankly, I am undergoing this "post-partum" depression phase since I no longer have Benefit Cosmetics Stay Don't Stray for use... hay...

How I wish I can turn back time (make-up wise) and magically refill all my cosmetics--and skin care!

Anyway, lately, I've been feeling kind of creative. I don't really know why. I kept on asking: "Can I paint on this? (while holding any random object like a basket, a tissue holder, a remote)"

Speaking of turn back time, here's the before photo of my eyes... a shot taken right after I used the last of my Stay Don't Stray primer. Pls visit this link for some eye-brightening make-up tips!
I'm so sleepy. I need to sleep early tonight because I plan to wake up around 3AM tom. Please "the Secret" for the best of that plan.

Good night!


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