This Shade of Grey

Hello Sunshine! It's February 14, and I can hear the pyro-music festival here in our veranda. I thought there was thunder, turned out it was just the pyrotechniques making a havoc in the atmosphere! I'm listening to a lot of Katy Perry songs on Spotify--which I surrendered to and downloaded on my laptop--and best of all, I'm enjoying the cool breeze touching my skin. It's a pretty cool evening. I'm looking forward to seeing my sister so I can call it a night. We haven't seen each other for a week. My sister, who re-ignited my love for nail polish well-deserves a dedication in today's post. This nail polish combo is for her, a quiet soul with a secret sparkle! Today, I partnered a light asphalt gray polish with possibly my favorite glitter polish as of the moment, Girl Stuff's Oopsie Daisies.

My application (of the base polish) is hardly even, and my cuticles are quite dry, aren't they? But I love the combo still. I love how subdued the glitter is because of the earthiness of the gray. Which reminds me, I should avoid wearing this particular gray polish until the 50 Shades of Grey movie mania settles. I wouldn't want to be thought of as a fan!

I really love Girl Stuff glitter polishes! I featured a green-gold number here.

What do you think?

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