SM Beauty Picks

Hello Sunshine! Super stoked to share some beauty finds from SM Store beauty section! I got here a few lippies that goes from day to party, and a loud eyeliner that can perk up any look.
 photo SMbeautytopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zps34ac9ba3.jpg
Jazzy Collection by James Cooper in LP-008* (?) - this burnt orange lipstick... it's a hit or miss depending on my mood. Sometimes, I wouldn't want to wear it because it feelts too "egyptian princess" for me. It feels to copperish. But when I do get in the mood for something warm and should I say unique for my lipstick, this always wins!
 photo JazzyCollectionJamescooperLP-008topbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zpsc5d92da0.jpg photo JazzyCollectionJamescooperLP-008topbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae2_zps0b37c085.jpg

Pinkies Collection in Plum* - this lipstick looks a lot like MAC lipsticks, packaging wise. As for the color performance, as you can see, it gives off a simple, straight-forward, and wearable red violet for every day use.
 photo pinkiescollectionlipstickplumtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zps6dcf94a9.jpg photo pinkiescollectionlipstickplumtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae2_zps1ebf23a1.jpg photo pinkiescollectionlipstickplumtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae3_zps03553571.jpg photo pinkiescollectionlipstickplumtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae5_zpscd22faee.jpg

BYS Sassy Salmon lipstick* - although a bit tricky to apply, I had dry lips when I swatched this time around, I still truly fancy this shade because it's a warm pink that complements my skin tone perfectly. Lesson learned, wear this only with moisturized lips. That is to get better BYS Sassy Salmon results such as this.
 photo BYSsassysalmonlipsticktopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zpse0cc65c1.jpg

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon* - lost my swatch for this... but I just want to share that by far, every single Maybelline Color Show product that I try fares pretty well!
 photo maybellinecolorshowcrayontopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zpsf2f2fe9f.jpg photo maybellinecolorshowcrayontopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae2_zps93d613a7.jpg

Shopping for beauty treats shouldn't be intimidating. You can find lots of beauty choices at every price point when you go to SM Store beauty section. I myself go there for releasing stress! I just love being surrounded by tons and tons of makeup choices from all over the world! Can you feel me? haha

What do you think of these treats?

Leave a comment below with your favorite!