Copper Chic meets True Toffee

Hello Sunshine! Lately, I've been pretty surprised with my makeup choices. You see, I'm hardly the nudes girl, but as of late, I've been going through a bunch of more natural shades for my eyes (and sometimes lips), which brings me to consider, am I getting old?  Or... I don't know, maybe I just found myself a really pretty neutrals palette that satisfied my shimmer love and the more mature side of me. I mean, look at below's swatch!
Maybelline Eyeshadow Copper Chic
 Maybelline Eyeshadow Copper Chic

I've been heavily using my Maybelline Copper Chic since I played around with it last January. At first I wasn't that comfortable using it because anything orangey, as I imagined copper would be, just doesn't sit will on my skin. But, the bright champagne shade on the left is too irresistible. I usually sweep a little of the warmer copper next to it. The shade I stay away, if I may say so, is the third one. I find it the most copper among the four shades in this quad. Otherwise, I can confidently say, Maybelline Copper Chic* helped me reconsider copper for my eyes. It is quite Copper Chic, indeed.

Next to Copper Chic, I'd have a peach lipstick that is probably a safe choice, but a good one still! Below is Maybelline True Toffee*. I really love how creamy it feels, and how it looks like the perfect peach on the lips--despite my slightly dark natural lip color. Usually, peachy lipsticks don't register well when applied on dark lips, so for that alone, Maybelline True Toffee deserves a thumbs up!
Maybelline Lipstick True Toffee

How about you, what are your neutral faves?

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