Spoiled in The Parking Meteor Expired

Hello Sunshine! Thinking of letting your inner vamp come out this month? Then check out this not-really-black nail polish that I tried on few days ago. It's nice because of its subtle stellar details. My only problem with this is its in-packaging applicator brush. It was like a mop! Otherwise, formulation and pigment is great! Anyhoo, here's Spoiled nail polish in The Parking Meteor is Expired.
 photo SpoiledTheParkingMeteorExpiredtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae2_zpsd8c6b656.jpg
 photo SpoiledTheParkingMeteorExpiredtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae1_zpsb0d1eae6.jpg
 photo SpoiledTheParkingMeteorExpiredtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae3_zpsdabb824c.jpg photo SpoiledTheParkingMeteorExpiredtopbeautybloggerphilippineslovingsunshinekumikomae_zps6d245044.jpg

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