Palmolive Intensive Moisture and Silky Straight Hair through the years

Hello Sunshine! Almost a decade ago (OMG) when I stepped into the exciting world of college life, Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner (PINK) was my ultimate must-have. Well, it's a shuffle between the pink variant and the violet one. Oh, and yes. Before I became a Filipina beauty blogger, that's how I referred to my hair care: by packaging color! LOL

Fast forward to today, I'm so thrilled to say that the years didn't change so much out of my hair care routine. You know how it's a hint of sad when we outgrow things (and people) we once loved? Well, for this girl, my love for Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner remains requited!
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To date, my hair still indulges with the combined nourishing and reviving hair care properties from science and nature through Palmolive Naturals products. My favorites remain to be the pink and violet variant, also knows as the Intensive Moisture and the Silky straight variant, respectively. Hands down, these two Palmolive shampoos and conditioners work perfectly well in taming my stubborn frizz!

The best part? My hair always smell so so so good when I use either or any Palmolive hair care products. In fact, no other shampoo or conditioner leave a long-lasting fragrant and shower-fresh scent on the hair than Palmolive. heart heart

Anyhoo, in the spirit of talking about my haircare experience through the years, let me share some old hair photos :) From kulot, to slightly kulot, to kulot na kulot--always healthy though!

What do you think?

Comment below with your favorite shampoo and conditioner too! I'd love to know. (Palmolive or not!)

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