Love me some Lavender

Hello Sunshine! When it comes to my go-to scent for pampering, lavender is on top of the list. Lavender is a very calming scent to use for massage oils, body showers, and even for scented candles. It's a sure-fire way of relaxing the senses for a sound sleep. So today I'm very excited to share a lavender body care* range that I got from my SM Beauty family. Frankly, I've seen this set around but never bothered to try just yet--I thought it was just one of those cute but not awesome products. I was wrong... Oh my, I was so wrong.
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This set is an extensive lavender treat! It has a lavender shower gel, body scrub, and body lotion for an all-over lavender pampering experience. Funny, when I opened my box, I was immediately welcomed by the aromatic lavender-scented items I was about to indulge myself with. It was really nice. Come to think of it, a relaxing experience isn't complete without aromatherapy, right? So it's great that from my shower alone, I can begin my pampering any time I please.
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The flower shaped things in a mesh pouch is actually confetti soap! Cute right?

Grab beauty kits such as this at your favorite SM Store beauty section. Indulge your senses with affordable body treats made for every woman's needs!

What's your go-to relaxation scent?

Tell me in the comments. I'd love to know if I share my love for lavender with you!

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