I always look forward to Tuesday posts because it is through these Turnback Tuesday posts that I get to "organize" my thoughts and share bits of pieces of my soul/life to you, my beloved readers/friends.

Today would be less of a "realizations" post and more of a share with you a DIY project I did with my beloved baby Dreu. Sisterly loving moments are just so priceless, and I'm excited to share with you how she taught me the art of making Bow-Tie shirts! :) This is my first ever Bow-Tie shirt. I made a little mistake on the third bow-tie hihi but I think I did goooood. Continue reading after the jump if you want to know how to create one for yourself. Doing crafty anything is a great way to release stress!

So these are the items you'd need. Well, of course you'd need a shirt you're willing to Bow-ify. You may opt to use a cutter or a pair of scissors, I prefer the latter. The magazine is to serve as a guide so you can see the bows you'd be plotting.

You should also have some sort of marker. You may use those cloth chalk thingys or do as I did, and used my Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Cottage Cheese since my shirt was a deep purple and I needed a marker that is light enough to be seen against it. haha 
Cut off the sleeves. Also cut off the neckline according to your taste. You might also want to cut off the "hem" of the shirt. 

Make sure to carefully cut your shirt because you'd be needing the scraps later on. Cut the scraps of cloth into little pieces as so. These would be used to "tie" your bow.

Now lay your shirt flat and mark where you want to plant your ribbons. The length and distance between cuts totally depends on you. Generally, the farther the cuts are from each other, the chubbier your bows would be. The longer the cuts, the wider the peek-a-boo ribbons would be. :)

After cutting, test out your slits. See, how they're turning out cutely!!!

Using the scraps of cloth, seal the deal by sewing it on to the bows (or if you have super glue, you can just glue it on. haha) I prefer sewing though cause it's more crafty!

And there you have it! :)

Doing something yourself offers a fulfillment that you can never be familiar with if you're always afraid to try. I have been speaking with a long-time non-friend of mine and I shared with her how I want to be with someone who tries. Of course, it would be great if I can be with someone who gets her way, successfully, most, if not all the time. But personally, the most important thing for me is the sincere, conscious and heartfelt try. This life is about risking ourselves anyway. If you want something, "do it yourself". :)

Have a great day, all!

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  1. Neat! Looks nice and cool, your back can feel the breeze!

    1. Yes it's quite fun! Also nice to do this with a loose shirt

  2. This is really brilliant. I'm not good with scissors talaga.haha.


  3. That's an awesome DIY project, Kumi. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. It was really fun to do! I want to do more!


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