SALADBOX: Unboxing October

Sample subscription boxes have long been a cult-winning trend in countries like the US and UK. However, in the Philippines, it's a newborn baby. Among the many options of sample boxes that launched in the Philippines last September-October, is Saladbox. I was fortunate enough to be able to try their first box which I am pleased to unbox with you! :) I received it late in October (sad) so this may be a bit too late; nonetheless, I hope you enjoy unboxing with me!
October, as you may have known by now, is my birthmonth so it was such a thrill that these sample boxes sprung out of nowhere during this time of the year! I think for the upcoming holidays, Sample Box subscriptions would be great gifts for your friends who seem to have it all! Especially, if they are into caring for themselves as much as we beauty enthusiasts do! :) Here are the full contents of the box. Isn't it cool that for only P500 a month, you can get this much product! I mean, the full-sized perfume in my box is already slated at P400! :)

The key advantage of subscribing to a sample box service is the savings you get, not just out of the actual retail value of the boxes you receive, but also because you minimize risks of buying full-sized items you will not end up liking. Trying out samples eliminate the pain of living with a bottle of an incumbent skin irritation.

Here's a piece-by-piece view of what my October box had. First of, these two Black Beauty sachets. Personally, haircare should not be judged per sachet. I think, if a brand wants to be "loved" by a potential customer, they should at least provide a small bottle BECAUSE I don't know if it's just me, but it's impossible to know if a shampoo or conditioner is good for your hair after one sachet! I've tried countless products that disappointed me heavily upon first use but when I gave it my patience, they delivered in the long run. I believe that like our body, our hair sometimes goes through  transition phase when we switch products so that's something brands should consider. I didn't like the 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. I HAD THE WORST HAIRFALL AFTER USING THE SACHET. I wanted to cry. For that, I have not used the other sachet yet. Afraidyyyy

Next is this full-sized Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal clarifying soap. I'm currently using this! I've been using it for a week and so far so good. It's soooo black! It lathers gray, but I don't mind. I grew into my current skin using black soaps so I do know that black whitening soaps are very effective. My first wash with this soap, my skin stung like crazy so I won't recommend this for the face (you may use this for the face and body, says the product blurb). The stinging feeling is gone now... and I've been loving this soap :)

Next is this full-sized Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer. It's not my first time to encounter a foam sanitizer, yet I'm still quite amused. I love that this foam sanitizer isn't sticky, and has a very light "clean" smell. It also doesn't hurt that it's Japanese-named. :) Sakuras are love.

First makeup item I have to share is this Argan Lip and Cheek Stain. It is quite a pigmented tube BUT I am bothered by the smell of this tube. It's also very waxy which I'm not a huge fan of. It has a red-brick orange shade which not everyone would like, it's quite powerful; however if you do like lippies like that, I still wouldn't recommend this for the cheeks because of its stubborn consistency. You'd end up pulling on your skin too much just to blend it out.

One of my favorite items from my October Saladbox is this Happy perfume. It smells very young and fresh. I even share this with my 14 year old sister and we both dance to the tune of Taylor Swift's Red thanks to this happy-pick-me-up fragrance.

Another makeup item that got me fired up was these two Virginia Olsen's mineral pigments. I love the colors! I have been looking for a gold pigment for the eyes to match the festive reds of the season and Gold Bars is just perfect!!! And of course, being your beloved sunflower girl, I had nowhere to go but love Sun Goddess. It's a great looking bronzer! :)

Last but definitely not the least is this sample-sized Pillow Mist. I've been quite the stressed out chica lately and having therapeutic gizmos around surely helps. Well, I'm still having trouble sleeping (it's been two months since I literally had a good night's sleep), but having a calming pillow mist helps ease the snooze button.

All in all, I can say that my October Saladbox was a good ceremonial box to begin with. There are rooms for improvement but the versatility of the contents was something I truly appreciated.

Did you sign up for a sample box? Which service did you sign up for? Share with me your favorite unboxing story if you're already signed up for one! :)


  1. Curious, is the Happy scent similar to Clinique's Happy? That's a real signature scent. I was having doubts on whether or not to sign up for one, so I guess it's all about the hits and misses too. I might get the next ones. =D

  2. Hi Kumi!
    Aside from SaladBox, do you have other subscriptions as well? I'm thinking of subscribing to just one, and was hoping you could recommend which is the best. Or at least, has better goods in it. :)

  3. Fun!! You guys finally get a sample box!!! Looks good! I'm sorry your hair fell out after using the 2 in 1...I would be scared too...

  4. I cancelled mine since I felt that the contents were not worth PhP 500 and were very cheap-looking. I'm planning to write a post with a cost breakdown. :D

  5. I cancelled mine because the contents aren't worth PhP 500!


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