SKINCARE: Herbal-Hydration

I have combination skin--meaning, I have both dry and oily skin. Generally, my oiliness is concentrated around the T-zone (forehead and down to the bridge of your nose); elsewhere it's dry. God forbid, my legs used to be flaky. For this matter, I would like to share with you an herbal-hydrating serum I've tried few weeks ago. It was only a sample-sized bottle yet it was convincing enough for me.

The Mario Badescu Herbal-Hydrating Serum* sample I have featured today is actually part of a swap I did last summer. Oddly, many of the items she gave me were sample-not-for-sale items, so that was sad on one end; but since I really don't like counting money in any way, I really stopped minding and just focused on trying the products she gave. I'm sure she gave me the items thinking I'd love them!

So she gave me a small sample bottle of Mario Badescu Herbal-Hydrating Serum that was basically a hydrating skincare product suitable for all skin types: dry, oily, combination, sensitive. To make it easy for you, I listed in the below picture the main reasons why I enjoyed using the product.

Of course with lightweight mentioned, I'm sure many of you are curious with the product's consistency. Well,  compared to other serums I've tried, it wasn't liquid--oily type. It was a light gel type serum--which was odd, but totally appreciated. :) See below picture.

All in all, I really liked using the product. It was very refreshing and was so light, it didn't weight my skin down especially on the days I wore a little bit more makeup. I honestly have no qualms about the product and would totally consider getting full size.

Mario Badescu is available in Rustans. :)

What hydrating serum would YOU recommend?


  1. Sounds like a good product. I've wanted to try something from Mario Badescu for a long time, especially their acne drying cream.

  2. Oooh, this really looks like something I would use!

  3. Mario Badescu is such an awesome line of products :) I have been testing their cleanser and drying lotion and I love them so far!

  4. I want to try that! But I am afraid it's too expensive for me. :(

  5. I love the gel consistency of this product. I have oily skin myself, but I'm really bad at taking care of it. Now that I do makeup everyday I'm more careful though, and use a cleansing routine of 3 steps made by a local company (Levinia Manfredini). It's really cool and it's like mint scented, so my skin feels really fresh afterwards.

    Thank you for sharing :D


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