SKINCARE: The Beauty of Clean Slate

Earlier today, I read to my little sister my new Shel Silverstein book entitled The Missing Piece. I got it as a token from my beloved friends at Fully Booked because... well, surprise surprise next year. The book isn't new, I've read it before, but never bothered to own a copy of my own; however, since I've been thoroughly blessed to have my own copy now, what better way to enjoy it than to share it with someone I love.

So the book was about finding "the missing piece"--that missing piece that would "complete" you. It's very romantic and symbolic for a children's book, and I love it. It made me think how we girls, we are at a certain point, groomed to find for The One. The concept of finding The One is something so old and universally shared by girls/ladies/women that I know it is not an alienated feeling to tell you that yes, it is difficult to search or wait for The One--but it is quite relieving to find, every now and then, something that would resemble that victorious feeling of finally being in touch with The One.

I have found The One in Leyende Clean Slate* (P350). This simplistic multi-tasking cleanser surpassed my expectations of a facial cleanser. I honestly can't imagine how I ever survived the years without it.

Leyende came from the Spanish word leyenda which means legend. True to its name, this emerging homegrown natural, handmade and organic personal care brand is definitely legendary. Here is a brief description on what Clean Slate is about.

A multi-tasker's dream: cleanser, toner and make-up remover in one was formulated for all skin types. Royal jelly from ethical apiaries cleanses without drying, organic pineapple extract acts as a natural toner with full support of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Ylang Ylang infusion. 
Royal Jelly, as many of you should know, is my number one favorite skin potion. Upon trying the Burt's Bees Royal Jelly day cream, I saw bees in a grander way! Royal jelly as a moisturizer is epic--but for Clean Slate, it is infused to contribute for a non-drying cleanser. Besides cleansing, Clean Slate is also a toner so for those who are out for some holiday travels, you're one product lighter if you lug along Clean Slate among your cosmetic kit.

But like love, finding and realizing that I've found The One are two different things. I received my Clean Slate from the brand--so that simplifies the finding part. The realizing part, now that's the story worth-telling.

You know that kick yourself for realizing too late feeling after finding out how you've been delaying such a eureka discovery for too long--for reasons that aren't valid at all? I went through that. Because I already have an existing skincare regimen (I'm still keeping up with my Celeteque regimen), I thought, I'm not interested in trying out a new facial cleanser anymore. Then came that one day when I figured, hey Kumiko, don't deny yourself of things just because you don't want to shake things up fearing you shake things too much. So I tried my Leyende Clean Slate and life has never been more perfect and lovely and beautiful and sweet.

What welcomed me upon trying Clean Slate is the scent. Wow. It smells like custard: creamy, yummy vanilla custard. It spelled out "comfort food" upon first squeeze and it was so darn hard to resist eating it! The consistency of this multi-tasking cleanser surprised me because it was really thick, similar to a body butter! It's a non-issue for me though, but it was definitely unexpected.

To use Clean Slate, you just have to moisten your face with best if lukewarm water. Then proceed to using Clean Slate as if it were cold cream--or a mudpack! That's how I do it and it works best that way! No need to use a separate oil to melt your makeup--this one-step cleanser will do it all for you. It can even get rid of stubborn waterproof mascara so it is quite a heaven-sent product. No burning feelings, and no stinging the eyes even if you gently rub the product on your lashes for easy removal. I've never experienced a cleanse like that I received from Clean Slate. It has, indeed changed my life, and that my dearies, is the moment I sat down and revealed to myself that yes, I have found The One.

Clean Slate is suitable for all skin types, best for those who want a worry-free skincare routine, and empowered beauty-zens who want to support an advocacy of heartfelt production of cosmetics and skincare. To know more about Leyende, please visit their Facebook and Twitter pages too.

How about you, what is your holy grail of facial cleansers?


  1. you speak so highly of this product that i want to try it, too! have you tried boscia clear complexion cleanser? that's one of my favorites, i'd say it were holy grail material if it weren't on the pricey side!

  2. Wow, this is awesome Kumi! And unlike most holy grail products it's inexpensive ah! For P350 and with your rave about the product, it's all worth it :)

    1. You should try it out! I can't stop raving about this cleanser!

  3. Oh my! Makeup remover, cleanser, and toner in one? This is a great timesaver. I think I saw this in Zalora; might check it out later. Thanks for sharing!

    1. They have Leyende in Zalora but at the time I was writing the post it wasnt available. Not sure if it's in stock already :D

  4. My HG is kiehl's :) I just have to comment - i collected shel silverstein's books when I was a kid! super in love with his poems :) I cant believe they have animated ones! Will def be hitting up youtube after this :)

    And onga pala- because of this product's scent, i might just give it a try!


    1. Oh Kiehl's have amazing skincare! My HG from their is their midnight concentrate! that one's amazing!!! :D

      Yes please do try it out! it's really goooooood

  5. Sounds interesting, I might give this one a try. :) I'm currently using Etude House Happy Teatime Lemon Tea Cleansing Cream for removing makeup then I wash my face with Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser. What's your favorite facial mask? ♥ Maxinne -


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