BODYCARE: My Sweet Gingerbread Cookie Brazilian Wax

Ladies, let's get down and come clean. How comfortable are you with your hair down there? Cause frankly, I prefer it out of the way. I like my private spaces smooth, clean and soft to the touch. It's my way of being a bit more gracious, sensible and courteous. Well, not that I see anything wrong with a little bit of hair on that region, as long as it's not a forest, I'm cool... but in an ideal world, my preferred setting is a clean field of pleasure--it feels a whole world of hygienic and sexy to have a hair-free V-zone.

So the pressing question is... where should one go for that professional hair-liberation? The answer: Strip Manila, the Ministry of Waxing. This worldwide waxing brand has a strong cult-following for simpleton reasons that any woman of grace would relate to. Last week, I was invited to try Strip's commendable Brazilian wax, specifically their special edition wax for the season: the Gingerbread Cookie Wax.

The Strip Story: It all started over a conversation with a couple of friends from the West who thought it was hilarious that Asian women had fanny follicles that were totally unkempt and just like fur muffs. What shock! What horror! How could anyone think that!
Action needed to be taken to defend our Asian Panache! The Strip Team took immediate action and started doing loads of research on the art of Brazilian Waxing and off the team went taking a transatlantic trip to New York City, the Mecca of Brazilian waxing! Although as stunned as we were with the acrobats that were involved in cleaning up the follicular action down under, we figured the local gals would surely benefit from an expertly done Brazilian. Modifying the fantastic dynamics of the perfect Brazilian to suit all of Asiana meant using lower acrobatics but with super duper high efficacy...and the Strip Brazilian was BORN!

I'm not a Brazilian virgin but agreed, if you haven't tried it... there's no better place to get your first than Strip! They follow an edgy waxing mantra coined HSQ which stands for Hygiene, Speed and Quality. 

Hygiene: you can trust that especially for such a private part, your hygiene will never be compromised. Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness and Strip philosophy mastered a mess-free treatment since ever. Their striperellas (your attendants) use latex gloves so you you're assured you're touched with cleanliness... and the best part, they never double dip their spatulas! Imagine the horror of double-dipping that other salons practice! I can't even... I get goosebumps thinking about it! Good thing Strip offers peace of mind.

Speed: you know how they say don't prolong the agony. Well, Strip mastered that as well. Although to my surprise, a Strip Brazilian is completely 100% less painful than any other Brazilian I've tried, they still push for a hassle-free treatment by completing a full-on professional wax for a minimum of 15 minutes. No more "I'm busy" excuse ladies. At Strip, you can tend to your nether lands during your yosi break! :) The choice is really easy... over 2 million bushes have been pruned by the ministers of waxing; where else should you get yours done?

Quality: pegged as the global authority on hair removal, I should say that Strip is on top of its game. The quality of their service isn't limited to how professionally and how effectively they do get rid of every stray hair; but also, it's in the politeness of their staff, the way they maintain a very clean and welcoming branch (I visited Greenbelt 5 branch, but they have another at Serendra), and in the way they make the entire waxing experience something you would find enjoyable than painful to remember.

So I jumped in and here are a few thoughts on their Gingerbread Wax! The ultimate thing that I enjoyed about it was that it used hot wax. No, it wasn't burning hot duh but I strongly believe it helped minimize the pain. The warmth of the wax relaxed me and I know that warmth opens up pores so that should help soften and ease out hair removal. 

I also love the sweet cinnamon scent of the gingerbread wax! It made me think of merry holiday thoughts! :) It's always nice to have something sweet and enticing to pamper yourself with--especially if you want to fuel up some of those naughty nawwty thoughts hihi.

The Gingerbread Cookie wax is best used for sensitive areas. If you want to try other flavors, they also have the limited edition Vanilla Cupcake wax and their of course, much-loved original Chocolate wax. :) Depending on your body's natural hair re-growth, your next wax should be in a month or so. :) The great thing about waxing is... hair regrowth becomes sparser and thinner. :) And, as you continue waxing, your pain tolerance becomes a bit thicker until it's a piece of cake!

Was welcomed by a very cute Gingerbread Cookie ornament! :) To know more about Strip Manila's services, visit their Facebook page here. To check out their service menu, here's a link to their price matrix.

Their private rooms are very well-maintained, clean and anal. I love. :) It also brought a smile to my face to see the candy cane pillow on the bed! :D

To make it more memorable, I also went home with a Gingerbread cookie from Party Perfect! Strip Manila in partnership with Party Perfect treats all Strip clients to a Gingerbread cookie making hair-free sweeter than ever! Party Perfect has been creating edible centerpieces, themed dessert buffets, giveaways and more treats for 3 years now. It started between best friends and now loved by the public! If you want to know more about their creative ideas, do reach them via email at,, For orders, you may also SMS at 0917-5361221 or 0917-8376364.

Before I end this post, let me share some Waxpert Tips from Strip Manila. Thank you so much ARC PR and Ms. Monique Jamlang of Strip Manila :D It was an experience-to-tell! :D

Have you tried a Brazilian Wax? If yes, how was it??? 



  1. Hehe natuwa naman ako while reading this. Mom and I are so problematic when it comes to hair down there. Forest gump ang datingan. Gross! haha haven't tried any of waxing treatments kahit sa armpit. I'm afraid and shy. lol. Pero it feels comfy talaga if you are hairless down there. I tried using VEET but it's makalat and you need to apply more cream. Hassle. Kapag brave na ako, try ko ang brazilian wax!

    1. I have not tried self waxing before and I dont think i can do it!!!!

  2. I gotta try this sometime. Great blog, would you like to follow each other?


  3. My first Brazilian was with Strip and I'm never trusting my vajayjay elsewhere. ;)

  4. This sounds great, especially the gingerbread scent bit lol. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I'm hosting a giveaway if your interested? xoxo.

    1. Thanks for the invite love. Will check yours out :D

  5. Replies
    1. Yes babydoll, they are quite the efficient ones!

  6. Great post! Thanks for being so frank! Really enjoying reading back through your posts!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

    1. haha! I am always quite the honest one especially on this little humble online home. Glad you enjoyed! :D


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