SKINCARE: E is for Eternal

"Oh the night, makes you a star. It holds you cold on its arms..." #nowplaying

Hello! Today, I want to share with you a little something expressing my love for eye creams! Seriously, before anything else, let me just get something out. I'm a HUGE eye cream junkie soo... if you have any other eye cream recommendations or discoveries, please don't hesitate to let me know through the comments!

So yeah... this is the first time I will do something like this, and I hope you all appreciate it! :) Thank you!

I dedicate the set of words below to this lovely eye cream that besides being an effective beauty product, actually inspired me to write in flames of tongue. (odd, but yes! A skincare product ignited my creative bone)

Sometimes we pretend that songs take us to places. That the notes that cradle our thoughts to certain altitudes are actual steps that we take in order to shake the little cobwebs away. But rarely do we realize this to be a fallacy. Songs are not bridges to our worlds of unknown. Truth is, songs are as much a destination as they are the medium of change. Music is the next station where we get off and derail our consciously guarded minds in.

Sometimes we pretend to hurt or celebrate a lot just because we want to feel something--if anything at all. We pierce through our malleable skin and pretend that if we cut ourselves open, we will find the things we look for. But we release to let go. We open up not to discover but to be discovered.

There are days when I pretend there's nothing that I need in this world aside from peace and love. That which I need to survive life, love can provide. And what I need to continue loving, is peace. 

There are days when I believe I push myself towards boxes that are heavily laden with fears and insecurities, just so I can enlighten these dark worlds and prove that when peace and love is around, even if there's a good dancing stranger distance apart me and happiness, I can stand still and feel its warmth rush through my veins.

What I need in life is the calm after the storm. The beautiful chaos where I can pick myself up and rebuild my worn-out caskets.

7,107 islands and we decide to be with each other. We are an eye embraced by raging winds and tearful skies. We are the becoming of a danger, a majestic and powerful tempest. 

Relentless, rekindling, realness in the ruins.

What do you think?


  1. I was expecting(and was looking forward to) a product. But this is beautifully beautifully written.. and what better time to reflect on something like this than on a slow Sunday morning? .. *sigh

  2. I don't own any eye creams. *gasp*

    Why do you like eye creams and which one do you recommend? I just slather retinol everywhere. I don't have any crow's feet, but I think it's genetics and I'm hardly ever in the sun. Oh and I wear sunglasses a lot.


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