MAKEUP: Grow your Lashes!

Hello November! :) That was quite a week!

For a lot of Asian ladies, lashes are a frustration. We normally have downward poking lashes--and they're usually sparse! So yes, anything that lengthens lashes is welcome to our vocabularies, right?

So when my friend Joann of sent me this Rimmel Lash Accelerator* mascara, I was over the moon. The last time I ever used anything that invokes lash growth was perhaps two years ago--so I was enthusiastic in trying this mascara out. With regular use, it promises longer lashes in a month because it has a lash growth complex ingredient that stimulates lengthening of lashes. To those curious, pretty much, lash growth enhancers doesn't really make lashes grow longer--they make lashes stay longer on your lids so they can maximize growing length! Sometimes, the reason our lashes are not that long is because they fall before they reach their peak length! :p

The Lash Accelerator mascara came in this regular sized tube. Nothing fancy, it was very basic, but Ijust thought the metallic green cap is the perfect green for a metallic green polish, yes?

To let you know more about the mascara, below are my thoughts. Generally, I didn't experience actual growth in my lashes, and the immediate result when you coat your lashes wasn't amazing too; however it's a good product to use everyday because it's very easy to remove and it doesn't dry our your lashes so it does prevent further fall out.

Oh and here is an FOTD where I'm wearing said mascara. Normally I maintain a uniform picture for all my social pages so that people will know which my official pages are. I hope I look pretty! haha

Do share me your thoughts and if you have any lash recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I'm always excited to try new mascaras!


  1. I was always curious about this product ever since it came out. It sounds quite nice for everyday, but do you notice if it actually makes your lashes stay longer? :o

  2. Yes, you look pretty! My lashes are so short, para akong walang lashes without mascara. I envy boys' lashes. Hahaha

  3. I have short lashes. Boo! xD But thank God for the Maybelline Stiletto Mascara. It lengthens my lashes although gusto ko din sana ma-volumize but sadly it doesn't have that power. LOL. I'm thinking of trying out Lash King ;)

  4. I've never tried maybelline eye products, hmmm.. looks nice though :))

  5. I haven't tried that yet! When I bought yours, I got one for myself too but it's still in my box of untrieds. I didn't think it would make your lashes grow super long but I wondered if it would be less harsh on the lashes (if that makes sense?). Good to know that it's easy to remove! The one I'm using now (Revlon Custom eyes) is one of the worst mascaras I've used in terms of removing!

  6. Really nice picture. You look beautiful!

  7. I'm not asin (that I know of lol) but lashes are a PITA for me. I'm currently using a treatment fro growing eyelashes, I'll report to you on that one :D

    Do you have any tips for curling them? I use a curler but usually, by the time I'm done with my makeup and leaving the house, my lashes are back to their usual straight-as-an-arrow self :(


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