HAUL: Happy Birthday Cumiko

Before my beloved October ended, my darling friends from HBC surprised me with a birthday gift!!! They gave me gifts and a sweet card that definitely seals our friendship--and some shopping money! So shop for beauty I did. Here are the items that I got for my birthday! :)
They gave me this eco-shopping tote bag which I of course love because I'm just the type of girl who would like to carry all the world's problems in one eco-chic bag--functional and graceful.

I also got a complete range from my favorite Body Recipe foot treats--the Lemongrass variant. I just love the Lemongrass foot balm and having some shopping money to let go off, I got the equivalent foot soak and scrub! If you haven't tried this range yet, you should. They're quite the thrill to pamper our battered feet with. I also got the Cucumber Bliss body wash since I'm currently using the Cucumber Bliss body lotion. :) It has the most refreshing scent and I'm a huge fan of the color green so just for that alone, I love these products!

The sales associate also urged me to try this shampoo and conditioner duo. I thought, why not. They're so affordable anyway. I am very experimental in terms of haircare too so I figured, Virgin Coconut Oil infused hair treats shouldn't hurt at all.

My favorite part of this haul is this Dermatox eye cream from the Hortaleza M.D. range. I haven't used it yet but I swatched the cream (of course I did), and it was the perfect consistency for an eye cream. I love eye creams a lot and I do wish this one would work perfectly in preserving my youth! :p

Without leaving that beloved eye area, my dearest friends from HBC just snagged my heart and pampered it with love by sending me this falsies. They know I love falsies! And I love what they gave! :) Excited to use it!  Surely if you're looking for some party goodies to make your holiday looks a bit more magical, you should definitely stop by HBC for some falsies!

Last but not the least, I also got me new San San polishes, yey. I love San San polishes because they have really nice colors. For my haul, I got the pastel ones because you can never go wrong with pastel nails. :)

Thank you so much again HBC! You know how to make girls like me extremely happy--and feeling beautiful inside and out!


  1. Looks like an awesome bday pressie from HBC!! Lucky lucky :D

  2. Happy birthday again! Hope you had a nice one!



  4. Happy birthday to you, but I think I said that a while back, No?

  5. happy belated birhtday sweetheart, looks like you had a fun shopping trip! :D

  6. hi! have you used the dermatox eye cream yet? effective po b?


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