A Beautiful Jetsetter

To the lot who are celebrating their sem-break, damn you all. Kidding aside, I'm so very jealous that you're vacationing while I. am. not. Anyways, in the spirit of friendship, I'd like to share with you my travel essentials from my previous trip to Ilo-Ilo earlier this year.

A common question for kikay people is about the art of packing for an adventure. When you're used to putting on above 10 items on your face and body per day, it's ultimately impossible to cut that down to a very small number. To help, I want to share with you how a beauty enthusiast may cut down on travel kit and still feel ready and beautiful and responsible wherever your pretty feet takes you.

1. Human Heart Nature Hydrating Face Toner
2. Etude House Aloe Sherbet
3. Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (popular story here)
4. Snoe Emu.thology (reviewed here)
5. Kerastase Olio-Relax Hair Serum (featured here)

To me, above items are an essential in travelling. Sure, I'm not master in travelling but above items make it a whole world of easier for me to manage without my heavily-packed vanity area. I'm really the type who doesn't feel at ease without my moisturizer on--and since travelling must involve a lot of sunlight, I would recommend a moisturizer that can also serve as a soothing gel for your skin. Sure, my travel essential doesn't have SPF--but I really hate using SPF so skin cancer it may be, when travelling, I want my hair and my guard down.

Oh and yeah, for hair, ladies with unhealthy hair can never let their guard down hence a potent skin elixir such as that of Kerastase!

Items 3 and 4 are for my evening nourishment. Trust me, since I'm the type who can't face the day without my moisturizer, expect that I find it most difficult to sleep without intensive skincare sleeping with me. By the way, the little bottles can be bought from your nearby Watsons!

How about you? What are your beauty travel essentials?


  1. I have a beauty travel kit ready in my car all the time in case I have spontaneous out of town with my boyfriend. It consists of facial wash, toner, moisturizer, body wash, shampoo and toothbrush with compact mirror in a purse. Bought it in Watson and it's very useful. I've been using it for almost a year now.

  2. It is hard to cut down when you travel. For me, olive oil soap and moisturizer are essentials. super lite.... I usually will buy beauty items while traveling, that way I get to try new things. If I don't like it I throw it out before I go home.


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