DESIGN: Acqua Iguazu Yoo inspired by Starck

Ever wondered what it'd be like, to live in a community that has its own moon illuminating its vicinity? Ever wonder, what it'd also be like, to live in a home where the magic of The Little Prince's laughter echoes among the walls? Well, just recently, I found out, that living in one of Century Properties' projects, the Acqua Iguazu Yoo inspired by Starck is that magical.
The Cielo is the multi-level amenity space designed by Yoo exclusively for Acqua Iguazu residents. It features a swimming pool, bar, dining area, function rooms, an indoor and outdoor library, a movie room and more. A round sphere of light illuminates the skyline, taking the form of a luminous moon at night, and the warm sun during the day. Its roof will be emblazoned with a quote from The Little Prince written in Starck's own handwriting, creating a signature silhouette that will forever change the country's real estate landscape.

In the heart of the buzzing city, right in front of the legendary Pasig River, is the Acqua Iguazu towers. Beautiful and pegged to be one of the most remarkable structures that would light up the city skyline.

Yours truly was invited to take part at the momentous groundbreaking ceremony for the 5th tower of Acqua Residences, and it was quite a revelation to me. Thankful for Nuffnang for inviting me over! If you're on the lookout for a new home, if you're planning to set down your roots, then keep on reading as I have insider photos of the Acqua Iguazu model units! Their deigns are quite extraordinary, I should say.

From L-R: Angela of, Hannah of and moi!

So let me take you for a walk, shall we?

The much-awaited residential development in collaboration with Yoo, the design company founded by world's most celebrated living designer, Philippe Starck, and the international property entrepreneur John Hitchcox is soon to rise and make city-living more beautiful than ever. The P1.3-billion development is the fifth building to rise within the 2.4 hectare Acqua Private Residences project in Mandaluyong City. John Hitchcox (third from left), led the Yoo team entourage in a visit to Manila to grace the project's groundbreaking ceremony and press launch. With him was Yoo designer Anastacia Kessaris (farthest left) and Yoo Marketing Director Michelle Van Vuuren  (second from right).

"This partnership was forthcoming because Century Properties has consistently worked with the best in real estate. The local market has shown its readiness for branded property, and the international market could not wait to get more of it. They recognize branded developments to be on a par with international standards and to be superior quality. Acqua Iguazu will be such a residence, and one that will offer that rare experience of life as viewed by Mr. Starck and Yoo," said Century Properties Co-Chief Operating Officer Marco R. Antonio.

Of course, now the most exciting part. This is where my "Dream Home" wishes came to life, before my very eyes!

There are three designs for the Acqua Iguazu units. First and foremost, is the Minimal. Minimal is clean and calm, with a modern edge. It incorporates glass, metal, concrete and neutral colours allowing for the mind to find space, to meditate and consider. It is a simple canvas that gives every Acqua Iguazu resident the freedom to be. 

The kitchen and dining space is perfect for those who doesn't like busy areas in their home. It's clean and functional, no fuss and simple.

Minimal is a one-bedroom unit and mind you, this is their interpretation of Minimal's bedroom. So classy and inspired. I personally want those pillowcases! Very sophisticated, I must say!

Of course, part of the reason why I fell for the Minimal's bedroom is its white fixtures. I love white everything. I know white sheets and couches would be equivalent to a higher-maintenance abode, but white furniture is impeccable to me. When I have my own home, I won't be surprised if my room would have a lot of white. Especially for the curtains. I want very light sheets for that because I want morning sunlight to wake me up.

I mean seriously. Look at how the sun touches those curtains. I can imagine waking up to this everyday.

Of course, I had to take a picture of the lovely birdcage chandelier they had on.

Next to Minimal is the blogger/press favorite, the Nature. Nature is for those who love to live with fresh air, blue sky, the smell of rising sun, purity and simplicity. The Nature palette draws inspiration from the deeply-rooted and widespread desire of city-dwellers to bring in more of nature's beauty inside their homes. 

We all fell in love with this "queen" chair. That beautiful chair, according to the associate who was touring us, is proudly made in the Philippines!

Here are Nature's bedrooms. Nature is a two-bedroom unit.

The lovely pixie-haired Marianne modelling one of Nature's bedrooms. Notice the swings that were turned into bedside tables. Fancy! :)

Last but not the least is the brooding and passionate Culture palette. Culture appealed to most of us as ideal for men. It has a cloud of mystery that was both sexy and enigmatic at the same time. Culture encapsulates Yoo's passion for appropriating the most beautiful and exquisitely produces objects and ideas from the past, placing them alongside the most amazing designs of today. The result is an intriguing mix with a captivating tension. Rooted in richness and boldness, the Culture palette has a powerful sense of history, but is always looking forward.

First thing I noticed about Culture is this lovely corner where I was telling my newly made friends from Century Properties, to be a great place to write stories, poetry and even blogs at!

Of course, what better location to take a photo with one of my college friends who I met at the event (so random, hi Kat!), than the Culture unit's living room. We are both book lovers so Culture as a background was just apt!

Culture to me, has the most interesting bedroom spaces. For example this lovely bed... It has sexy posts and...

a black and white Burlesque shot as its main attraction. :p I found it quite an interesting plot twist for a bed design.

But of course, what ultimately made my day was the other Culture bedroom. Why? Well, check out the wallpaper! Now that's something I would like to have someday!

Back to the living room, check out this interesting throne. :) I must say, after seeing all of Yoo's take on the Acqua Iguazu units, I know that one can expect nothing other than spectacular! spectacular! from the upcoming fifth high-rise building from Acqua Private Residences.

To know more about Acqua Iguazu, visit their website here. Follow them on Facebook.

All in all, I think I love the Nature palette the most. Culture was a bigger space, yes, but I think considering the kind of lifestyle I am seeing myself living, Nature would be really perfect. I love how all bedrooms has access to a lovely terrace... and how greens would welcome you as soon as you lift off your trimmings.

How about you? Which did you like the most: Minimal, Nature or Culture?


  1. Wow it looks nice! :)) and a really unique concept :) you're lucky to be part of that event :)


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