TOOLS: Charm Pro Stippling Brush

Let me share with you one my favorite brushes. Well, technically, I have two of it. By the way, if you're curious, the pink textured background is none other than my Charm Pro Make Up artist Toolbelt which I featured here

Above is the Charm Pro Stippling Brush from Beauty and Minerals. I know it looks brand new in the photo but let me tell you, those shots of Stippling Pros are overused. I've washed them over and over again but wow, they're so easy to maintain, they're duet-fiber's still white and the black hair has not bled nor shed at all.

I have two Charm Pro Stippling brushes, one is from the Charm Pro Brush set that I bought and the other is from my dear Sophie. It's so nice because if you can't afford to get the brush set, you can just get the Stippling Brush as an individual piece. Wow, I just realized I haven't posted my Charm Pro Brush set babies here! Gotta pictorial them soon which should be good too because then you'd see what the brushes look like after regular use.

I use my Charm Pro Stippling brush for my BB cream application and for applying my cream blushes. I also use my Stippling Brush to seamlessly blend concealer for my all-over face blemishes. Ahh, sad to accept that I have blemishes all over my face! A Stippling Brush is an essential tool for basic every day looks because it gives a perfect light and poreless finish without packing or using too much product on the face. If you're the type who likes a "clean" face, then you should definitely have trusted stippling brushes within reach.

The Charm Pro Stippling Brush alone retails at Php700 (approx $16) with FREE Shipping. I can't find the Charm Pro Brush Set at Beauty and Minerals website but it is available at Digital Traincase store for Php3,450 (approx $80). Ofcourse the Stippling Brush is also available at DT so it's up to you where you would get your fix. If you decide to shop at Beauty and Minerals though, they're having another pre-buy sale for the Charm Pro v.3 which is beyond amazing for a travel brush. I featured that brush set here.
You save Php500 if you pre-buy! Not to mention save yourself from stress because this baby sells like pancakes!

I really love looking at my Charm brushes because of their lovely pink cuteness!

Now I'm off to seal my love box for my friend Joann and write a love letter for my friend Jenni. I love sending my friends gifts! :)

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)



  1. This is so cool! I love trying out new brushes!

  2. i love applying bb cream using a stippling brush! haven't tried it for cream blush yet, but that's on my to-do list! :D

  3. Wow these brushes look great! I've been searching for a good stippling brush for a while... Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have never heard of this brand but seems that these brushes are good!

  5. How and why do you apply BB cream with a brush? I don't really even know what BB cream is... I am so CLUELESS! Help me out here people!

  6. Hello Kumiko. It was nice meeting you last night. You're so prim and pretty in that event. :)


  7. these brushes look so cute! and the case is adorable x ill have to give it a try!

    Natali xox

  8. I love Charm Pro brushes and their stippling brush is a favorite of mine too!

  9. Those brushes look so adorable!
    I apply my BB cream with my fingers but maybe I need this! 

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