Honey and I have been inseparable lately. No, I'm not referring to a special someone. That spot's very much available for the taking! I'm referring to a special lip salve that has been keeping my smile healthy and yummylicious! Read more after the jump!

O.N.E. Naturales is a homegrown eco-centric personal care brand that promotes care for the environment and natural wellness. The green cosmetic industry is definitely in full bloom with brands like O.N.E Naturals.

Honey Cream "Simply Yummylicious" is a staple product in my bag right now because I've been experiencing dehydrated days recently. In fact, I had to skip work for a few days because I was feeling unwell. I don't really get sick often but when I do it's almost always either of the two: dengue or dehydration.

So I'm very happy that I have this shea butter based lip salve to treat my lips with. When asked what my favorite face feature is, I always say it's my lips. Surely I don't have perfect kissers but I think I have a pretty nice one? :)

Along with Honey Cream, I also have my Stila Lip Glaze. I'm not a huge fan of Stila glosses as I find that their formulation is too plastic-y and warm against the lips but I do submit to their gloss colors! One that I am currently quite fond of is the Stila lip glaze in Majesty. I just love anything that is regal.

It has a "lip and cheek tint" vibe type of shade that looks like this against nourished lips.

It's a just bitten color that is perfect for everyday use. :)

Speaking of everyday, let me share with you some photos from my weekend. To begin with, I had my hair color changed! Yey! You know me, I love changing hair color so I'm pretty psyched that I'm back to red. If you would remember, I switched to a copper blonde earlier this year. But a redhead's always going to be a redhead so yes my lovely darlings, my crowning glory's bleeding love once more! Follow me on Instagram for instant photo updates: @kumikomae!

The transformation at Creations Salon Glorietta 5!

Fresh from the salon!

For the love of red, we went to Red Mango! :D Posing with the giant O of my favorite Red Mango branch!

My Lemon Zuzu treat. It's so yummy! This by far is my favorite flavored fro-yo to date!
Cheesecake, Almond shavings and Mochi balls. :D
My friend's Lemon Zuzu!
Hers had cheesecake, walnuts and hersheys choco chips.
The morning after... hair's a bit dry but I'm caring for it with lotsa conditioner and hair mask. :p

Hair of the day today. :) I am feeling romantic.
Imagine looking at mornings with someone who loves you..
Speaking of romance, I've been romancing (yes) my skin with these scrumptuous skincare finds from HBC!
Those who know me personally knows how LONG I take to "dry up". I slather so much skincare because as much as it seems like I'm a make-up person, what I truly enjoy doing on a daily basis is taking care of my skin. My face is oily but my body, my legs especially, are chronically dry. :(
HBC Body Recipe Lotions* in Sweet Pea Fantasy, Jasmine Dream and Cucumber Bliss are super catchy because of their scents and colors! Nothing helps bring life to a vanity desk than bright colored lotions right? Sometimes I do wonder, how boring it must be to have only white creams! Glad HBC released these babies.  More glad because these lotions have body mist counterparts so if you love the scent, you can spritz it on throughout the day too!

I also received a love package from DressUrNails Shop. I'm so excited to share with you these super cute and easy to use skinny nails designs! I'm sure you're excited to see how cute these are on the nailbed too!

Yuna of DressUrNails got my favorite colors on point! I don't know if she knows but my favorite color coordinate's green and pink! So I love her love package for me! :) 

Last but not the least, I received my ELF prize just last week! It took me a week later to claim the prize I won through their Facebook contest because the prize had to be picked up :( I hope next time they ship prizes because it can get quite inconvenient to have to pick up items you supposedly won... but it was worth! I knew my prize was going to be an eye make-up set in beautiful browns and I was really excited to try nudes this rainy season but I had no idea it would have the most beautiful eye palette ever! I'll blog about the eyeshadow separately because I would need more space to talk about their peachy perfection.

So much love... well, I love you back!

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. wow i like your hair color :)how i wish I can do the same.nice photos and great blog :)

    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

  2. I like your new hair color! :)
    And now following you on Instagram! ;)

  3. Beautiful hair color. Looks super fun. Yum! That honey lip thing sounds delicious. I also like the Stila lip stain color on you.

  4. Nice! I love lip balm!! and cool red hair! Come back soon <3

  5. red is such a sexy color and you look absolutely stunning in your hair :)


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