SKINCARE: Miss Kat AM-PM Soap Bars

What are your thoughts about using natural personal care products? Frankly, I'm always the skeptic one because I know for sure that many brands out there jumps right smack middle to the bandwagon of green-eco-consciousness to push for their "natural" products but then again have these super disappointing fine prints which would reveal how unnatural their products are. Advertising... smeh there are things about you that I will never learn to love.

So anyway, I would like to share with you this pair of soaps I've been using the past week. These are from Miss Kat Only Skin Philippines soap range: the AM and PM Soap bars*. Read more after the jump!

Surely not everyone is willing to have two different soaps for the face but pretty much, that's the only disadvantage I found from using these 100% natural soaps. Just to break it down for you, the yellow soap is for morning use while the ocean blue soap if for evening use; thus AM-PM soap.

One very obvious advantage from these soap bars is their made more gentle since they're 100% natural. Gentle enough to be used for the face and body even! Although, I don't have much acne or pimple problem to worry about to begin with so I can only vouch for these soap's face care prowess. Ladies, these soaps are delightful! You can read more about this product online here.

The AM beauty bar helps in clearing out the skin. Since prevention is definitely better than cure, using the AM bar regularly helps the skin through gentle exfoliation and also helps regulate oiliness to prevent future breakouts; while the PM soap is specifically for healing the skin. It repairs, tones and helps diminish marks without an overdrying effect. In fact, what I was thrilled to notice was the soaps moisturized after-wash feel. I really don't like it when soaps leave a squeaky clean. Here's a clarified make-up free portrait I took and shared on my Facebook page a few days ago. :)
Look ma, no pimples and glowing skin!

If you're worried that these soaps would melt to oblivion too soon like most natural soaps do, I am proud to share that these soaps lasts a while so they're not going to make you feel like you watched your money melt down the drain. Yes, I hate getting that feeling too!

All in all, I would have to say I enjoyed using this soap tandem and can recommend it to those who are suffering from pimples and bacne. :) How about you? Any cleanser recommendation you can share? Do share through the comments and don't forget to join my loving giveaway. You may also follow me through my various social pages by using the little icons below. :)

Think bright. Smile a lot. :)


  1. I've used these too! I also love the scent. Hihi

  2. looks good! ill try it


  3. How much is this? I'd love to try this!


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